Access Control

Ensuring that you are providing a safe,secure and compliant working environment is a necessity for any business to truly thrive and grow in today’s security challenged world. Security Systems implementing an access control system don’t have to be a complex. SSMI will install the required hardware, software and train your staff to monitor and maintain your system. As one of the valleys only BRIVO Blue dealers, SSMI brings together cutting edge technology and the assurance of years of experience. Brivo offers a robust access control system which is custom tailored to meet and exceed your institutions access control systems specific needs.SSMI offers real-time, web based access to your building’s access control system for your key personnel. At SSMI we understand that access control and security systems requirements can seem complex. Fortunately the implementation is not difficult with SSMI: card readers placed at designated door locations will either grant or deny access to the area. Hardware requirements to control the doors and too many of the software programs which are integrated to manage the systems are not simple.

As one of the greater Phoenix valleys first and only Brivo Blue certified access control dealers, SSMI provides security, convenience, improved personnel flow – maximizing the space in your work environment, and audit trails. Sophisticated but simplified access controls are also able to be integrated with other building automation systems providing a complete solution.

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SSMI understands the key to an integrated security system is a robust, scaled to size, and reliable access control solution. Being the valleys first BRIVO blue independent dealer, SSMI currently monitors hundreds of access points in the greater Phoenix area alone, as well as nationally. With SSMI via BRIVO, we have the right technicians and innovative solutions to provide your organization with a custom, state of the art solution, which is sure to be an extremely valuable asset for years to come.



What Makes SSMI Better?

  • True software as a service
  • Simplified deployment
  • Access from anywhere, anytime, with any internet accessible device ( Globally )
  • Integrated Video via Brivo OnAir
  • Brivo Mobile Pass allows you the ability to grant access permissions via E-mail
  • Low ownership costs vs in house server maintenance

As a Brivo Blue Dealer SSMI allows your organization to achieve the following:

  • Establish and maintain perimeter control
  • Restrict access to authorized personal only
  • Establish different levels of permission for each user as needed
  • Eliminate outdated authentication methods
  • Create real-time audits for personnel and visitor tracking purposes
  • Create scheduling accesses for ALL persons on premises (including vendors)
  • Create alert levels for ALL types of intrusions such as propped and tampered doors
  • Create custom authentication options via Bio-metric, Facial Recognition, Key Fob and Pin Entry for highly sensitive and secure area requirements as needed

Access Control

We know your industry and we have the best technology to keep it secure. SSMI specializes in designing and installing custom security systems specifically for the private and heavily regulated government sectors. As the valley’s first authorized Brivo Blue access control company based in Scottsdale, Arizona, SSMI works to ensure all federal, state, local laws and regulations are met. SSMI is heavily involved with many Commercial Real estate, property managers and Retail facilities throughout the Phoenix Valley and the entire state of Arizona. With a heavy focus on compliance first, we work and consult with all levels of management on many current and future projects. Let us help you design a compliant security system to match your requirements and your budget.

Compliance is what SSMI lives for. Our mission is to help facilitate the relationship between licensee and regulator, ensuring only the highest compliance standards are met. It’s why we paired with Brivo and Eagle Eye.

For the highly regulated state security requirements in Arizona, where prior to issuing licenses and inspector does a full site walk-through and security audit (and monthly verification’s are required), SSMI will help you achieve compliance.


Government GSA- Brivo OnAir for Government – cloud-based access control for government agencies

SSMI increases government IT systems security while saving time and money with the first cloud-based FIPS 201-2/FICAM-compliant Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) provided via Brivo.

The Brivo OnAir for Government is listed on the GSA approved product list (APL #10073) under the PACS infrastructure category. SSMI provides this as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Brivo OnAir for Government eliminates the need for dedicated PACS and validation servers. This greatly reduces the redundant cost and time involved with achieving compliance with government-wide IT standards.


SSMI via Brivo Benefits

  • Lower installation and operational costs
  • Faster system deployment
  • Future-proof functionality
  • Remotely secure sites anytime, anywhere
  • Increased flexibility, reliability, and resiliency
  • IT friendly
  • Unlimited scalability for sites, devices and door capacity



  • Federal Government approved – APL#10073
  • NIST SP 800-53
  • HSPD-12, FICAM, and FIPS-201-2
  • FISMA secure data center
  • Revocation check in
  • FIPS-201-2 approved PIV cards validated at a minimum of every 18 hours

Brivo OnAir for Government is the winner of a 2016 Govies award in the category of Hosted Solutions and is on the GSA approved products list (APL), Which is why SSMI has partnered with the best in the industry and is an authorized BRIVO Blue Dealer.