Exam Room Visual Communication Systems

Spectrum information systems
Spectrum information systems

There is nothing more important within a functional healthcare environment then the ability to communicate clearly. Physicians, assistants, nurses and other key personnel depend upon it. Why not provide the ability to communicate faster and more efficiently? Welcome to SPECTROM Clinical systems where this is the new reality. SPECTROM leads the way with advanced visual technologies for all types of healthcare facilities and various other enterprises.

SPECTROM holds the patent for our exclusive clinical visual information system, which instantly indicates to the need (and levels of urgency) for all attending healthcare professionals, as well as the current state of an exam room, waiting room and even operating room. This amazing integration of advanced visual communications and real-time reporting promotes smoother patient interactions and improves administrative supervision and facility-patient efficiency.

With SPECTROM as your visual information exchange, you will now know, who, what, when, where and how often critical events occur. You can even create advanced logging for crucial data reporting.

Spectrum information systems

With SPECTROM’s visual communication solutions, caregivers are able to now record patient care tasks and activities (time stamped) with an easy to install, one touch , wall-mounted control panel. The service capture feature simplifies record keeping and reporting for administration of medications, meals, therapies, bathing, preventative care, and even special requests by residents. SPECTROM even allows for nurse and staff response times to be reported on demand.

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