CCTV Systems & Cloud Based Access

GSA Approved
Closed Circuit Television or Video Surveillance systems, have undergone dramatic technological improvements within the last decade. Making the right decisions and asking the right questions are the foundation of every solid professionally installed security system. At SSMI, we have over two and a half decades of experience in CCTV video surveillance installations and offer more integration options than anyone in the valley

Indoor/Outdoor, Multi-Location and all weather options are common request from our clients. It is even possible to completely eliminate blind spots within your organization. These systems are crucial and play a fundamental role in protecting your employees and business. We allow you the ability to monitor ALL locations from any internet connected device, ANYWHERE on the planet, at ANY time. When integrated with BRIVO, you can even grant accesses to anyone you want and maintain the highest level of security and convenience.


SSMI Security Solutions Achieve the Following:


  • Create a real time log of all location activity (Personnel and Client)
  • Allow real time viewing to designated personal
  • Allows off premises cloud video data retention for years if desired
  • Provide a major deterrent to individuals wishing to break the law
  • Meet and exceed all HIPPA and other security compliance needs no mater the industry
  • Allow HR to track employee movement and even time management verification
  • Provide a secure but aesthetically pleasing environment for both employees and clients
  • Protects your business from liability, protects your investment, protects your time

SSMI proudly installs only the best of the best hardware camera systems and equipment offered in the industry today.

Here are just a few of our award winning equipment provides and partners:



Health Care


All types of Medical facilities, whether they are private, non-profit or government must Maintain and implement the highest levels of security at all times. On site security personal work very hard to assure the safety of your patients and healthcare providers, and it is no easy task. SSMI is on call to help. SSMI’s professional and consultative approach allows for an understanding of the unique and specialized need within this market which enables us to provide custom-tailored solutions for 24/7/365 protection of your property, staff and patients.

Security solutions in healthcare:

  • Minimize fraudulent claims
  • Improve business operations
  • Restricted access to sensitive areas
  • Monitor entry and exit doors
  • Protect hallways and reception areas
  • Allows for increased safety of employees, patients and visitors

SSMI has installations around the country and has worked one on one with many different types of organizations. From Local to State and Federal installations, SSMI is proud to lead the way with the implementation of cutting edge technology.


Educational Institutions


Does your educational institution pass the true “Security Test”?

In today’s rapidly changing and ever-evolving educational environments, campuses across the country are facing the need for enhanced and adaptive security unlike ever before. SSMI has the experience and expert advise to provide advanced consultations regarding the various security threats facing Educational Institutions. SSMI understands that each Institution faces unique challenges. That’s why SSMI works closely with you to help overcome such challenges. SSMI has developed comprehensive solutions that assist in providing a safe and secure environment for all facility, students and visitors.

Whether you are a public, private, college or university, unfortunately you are vulnerable to increasing incidents of theft, violence and property damage. We can help minimize and mitigate these risks providing stop loss solutions on demand.

Security solutions in educational facilities:

  • Ensure increased safety of students, visitors, and staff
  • Reduce incidences of violence
  • Protect personal and school property
  • Minimize vandalism
  • Identify suspects for law enforcement
  • Provide valuable stop-loss on fraudulent claims


Commercial, Industrial, & Government Institutions

When looking at Commercial, Governmental and Industrial facilities, Security is not an option, it is a MUST.


SSMI has faced these challenges that you are having to consider. SSMI understands the many variables and challenges you face. They can range from compliance requirements, theft, to employee trust and conduct issues, warehouse logistics, inventory controls, and the utilization of shipping and receiving activity. We take all of these challenges into account when designing your system. SSMI’s solutions work together seamlessly and effortlessly to protect your assets, monitor activity, and ensure a secure environment for staff, vendors, and visitors.

SSMI has built our trusted technology capabilities over decades to secure your facility, restrict access, and change user privileges when and wherever necessary, at any time, anywhere in the world with an internet connection. SSMI has made it our business to understand the critical needs of our clients, so we can develop and deliver real-time, advanced solutions that will reduce losses, protect assets, and increase your bottom line.

Commercial & industrial security system solutions:

  • Maintain strict perimeter integrity
  • Help reduce long term cost
  • Restrict unauthorized access
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Complete Access Control for all individuals entering the premises (from one central location)
  • Provide real time, remote video viewing AND access control from anywhere