Building Automation & Integration


MASTER SYSTEMS INTEGRATOR ( MSI ): The approach: LISTEN, ANALYZE, and APPLY our best available solution(s), exactly matched to the application – so benefits are achieved. Like the IT consultant who designs the data network, infrastructure, and systems, we focus on the Control Systems, graphical user interfaces (GUI), common databases for the subsystems, communications protocols, and system architectures for all new projects. We often consult directly with the Owner’s IT group on issues such as scalability, security, surveillance, energy management and MDU Systems, to make sure the objectives for all new or existing building systems are met. As an MSI, we can also be responsible for the design and / or assisting the PE on the design w the rapid implementation of the system interface. The standard databases of devices, interfaces, routers and controllers are integrated by one firm, responsible for the full performance of the web-based systems.

SSMI’s understands the complexities of dealing with system integrations of all types. That is why we complete a through scope of work to determine what is exactly the best coarse of action for our clients. We currently have hundreds of locations integrated, from HVAC, Lighting, Surveillance and CCTV to Access Controls. We have found that many businesses depend on our solutions which provide them with the best overall integration options with a holistic technological approach.

With SSMI you will achieve the following with our building automation and integration:

  • Complete Web-Based HVAC controls
  • Complete Web-Based Lighting controls
  • Complete Web-Based Access Controls
  • Complete Web-Based Surveillance
  • Web-Based Clinical Controls powered by Spectrom (For Healthcare)
  • Specialty Controls allow SSMI the ability to integrate other systems as needed

Once we have conducted the estimated scope of work, we in-vision the overall solution and how it will be expected to operate within your organization. All of our integration solutions take into account cost of ownership and system longevity. This allows SSMI to best plan for future expansion on your behalf and while keeping your vision and goals in focus. Imagine not having to replace critical systems with every upgrade. All software upgrades are cloud-based allowing for maximum efficiency.

From the Veterans Administration, Mayo Clinic, even warehouse operations such as Walmart, all depend on our building automation platforms. From beginning to end, SSMI has the experience and innovative solution for your organization to thrive.