Where to Place Your Security Camera Systems in Phoenix

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One of the most common types of security devices people look for when they make the decision to improve their home security is a security camera. Placing cameras around your home can help you to catch any criminals who try to break in at any time of the day. A well-placed camera can give you a great look at the criminal’s face, giving the police an easier time of tracking him or her down.

But what are the best places on your property to install these cameras? Here are a few tips about where to place your security camera systems in Phoenix:

  • Front door: According to a study by Home & Garden, approximately 34 percent of all burglars attempt to break through the front door. This might be a surprising statistic to some people. Wouldn’t a front door break in be rather obvious? In actuality, it’s a surprisingly common scheme. Burglars walk up to your steps and knock on the door. If you answer, they’ll likely pretend to be someone looking for directions, or someone going around in support of a cause. If no one answers, they’ll simply kick the door open, even if you have an alarm system in place. Ideally you should have a camera high above the front door in an area that cannot be reached. You can place that camera inside of a mesh wiring, which also prevents potential burglars from breaking it with sticks or rocks. You can even implement a hi-tech peephole camera in your front door that you can view remotely from any device.
  • Windows on the first floor: According to that same study, approximately 23 percent of all break-ins happen through first floor windows. These windows are usually not ones that face the street, which makes sense—a window break-in is rather obvious, and the burglars will want to avoid being seen by neighbors or passersby. Many homeowners also do not lock their windows, which makes it even easier for burglars to break in through these windows. Therefore, you should place cameras above any windows that are easy to access, or somewhere inside your home pointing at these easily accessed windows. This can even help you to catch people who come to peep through your window to scout out your home before they ultimately decide to break in.
  • Back door: Approximately 22 percent of all burglars break in through the back door. It’s an ideal break-in spot, as it’s out of sight from people on the street. Many backyards are fenced in, so it could be harder for neighbors to see as well. Similar to what you’d do at the front door, you’ll want to keep the camera high and protected so you can catch a potential burglar without their being able to smash the camera or remove it entirely.

Want more security tips? Contact Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. today to learn more about installing and placing security camera systems in Phoenix in the ideal places around your property.

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