Five Key Areas for Security Camera Systems in Phoenix

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Business owners need to know what’s going on at their property 24/7. However, you can’t always be there and hiring a security guard service can get expensive. Even if you do have a security guard, what happens if something goes awry at your company and the security guard doesn’t catch the perp? That criminal is most likely gone for good. However, if you’ve installed security cameras in Phoenix at your business there’s at least a sliver of hope that you can catch the perp. One security camera won’t do the job, though. There are five areas on your property that need to be monitored 24/7 by security cameras.

Parking lot

Unfortunately, we live in a world where it’s not all that uncommon for people to be mugged or attacked in parking lots, especially if the lot isn’t well lit. If someone is mugged in your business’ parking lot, it’s not only bad for the victim but it’s also negative PR for your company. With one or more security cameras installed in your parking lot, you’re more likely to be able to identify anyone who committed a crime outside of your business.

Entries and exits

As a business owner you probably want to know who’s on your property at all times. If something goes wrong inside your store or office you need to be able to assess who the possible suspects are. One of the best ways to do that is to install a video camera on all possible entrances and exits to your building.

Lobby/check in area

That’s terrific if you have security cameras in Phoenix pointed at the entries and exits. But after people enter your building you want to be sure they’re not doing anything suspicious, and they’ve signed in at the front desk. Having a non-checked in stranger wandering around your building can be a big problem.

Communal areas

Trouble can start quickly in crowded, communal areas like in your office building. Unsavory characters that might have eluded your security guards could target places with heavy foot traffic, like a court yard or cafeteria, and may try to pickpocket or even attack your employees. If something like that were to happen, wouldn’t you want a security camera installed to identify the perpetrator if he got away?

Areas with money or other valuables

Above all, your business exists to make money. If you store that money in a vault or safe, you run the risk of having it stolen by a criminal. Two things could happen if you have a security camera installed and watching the safe. First, a potential robber may get scared off if he or she notices the camera, so you’d completely avoid the robbery situation. Second, if the criminal does happen to rob you, there’s a higher probability of identifying and catching the perp if they’ve been caught on camera.

Don’t be a sucker and shell out thousands of dollars to a security company that may or may not be able to catch a criminal after they’ve burglarized your business. Call us today at 480-443-1434 to find out how our security cameras can help keep your business as safe as possible.

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