Offering Access Control in Phoenix to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries!

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You’ll probably be making money hand over fist when you open your medical marijuana dispensary. However, you’ll soon notice how difficult it is to figure out where to actually keep all of that money. Many banks won’t touch it, since it’s not legal nation-wide. Not being able to use a bank to store your money leaves you with limited options. You could store it in your mattress (probably not the best idea), or you can keep it in a safe at your store. While a safe is the safer option, it’s only as secure as the people who have access to it.

What is an access control panel?

Access control in Phoenix is a key card system that adds another layer of security to your dispensary. With this high tech system, employees will have to swipe their personal key card or badge before entering secure areas of your dispensary (such as the room where you keep your safe or the medical marijuana). Our professionals can install access control panels on any door you wish.

Why do I need an access control panel?

There are rooms in every business that are for employees only. These rooms range from the bathrooms, to the room where your safe is held. That money in your safe is only as secure as the people who can access it. It only takes one disgruntled employee to steal all of the money in the safe if they know the combination. Without added security to your business, a thief can very easily sneak into your dispensary after hours and rob your safe if he or she knows the combo.

As a medical marijuana dispensary, you’ll obviously need keep a large quantity of inventory onsite. It should come as no surprise that your inventory is quite popular amongst individuals in our community. Unfortunately, some of those individuals may be interested in acquiring some of your inventory without paying for it. Dispensaries need to be as cautious as possible when it comes to securing their inventory.

How do I get an access control system?

Our technicians can install various types of access control systems with several different types of entry methods. We can install systems that are linked together to multiple doors, or panels that are for single doors only. Regarding access methods, we can install systems that require employees to swipe a tamper resistant photo I.D. or a system that only requires employees to touch their I.D. to the panel. Both systems are equally effective in guaranteeing you know who has been in each room at all times.

Always keep rooms that are meant to be for employees only under ultra-secure access control systems. It doesn’t take a criminal mastermind like the characters from Ocean’s Eleven to figure out how to crack a safe and steal your hard earned money, or break into the room or rooms where you keep your inventory.

Contact us today at 480-443-1434 to find out how we can easily install access control in Phoenix to make your dispensary as safe as possible!

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