Four Ways to Integrate Building Automation in Phoenix Into Your Business

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While your business is important to you, you can’t always be there every minute of the day. When you are away, you still need to have access to your operations, and building automation in Phoenix can help provide this. You will be able to monitor access and security while you are away, giving you the ultimate in control when you can’t be there. Incorporating building automation into your business can help you in the following ways:

  • Surveillance: Investing in a web-based security system will allow you to monitor what is happening no matter where you are. You will have views of your entire business, protecting you from unwanted security breaches and crime. You will be able to check every corner and asset of your business at any time from the web application. Building automation in Phoenix will give you peace of mind that you are being protected and have security in place when you need it, even if you can’t be there.
  • Access: Using building automation in Phoenix for access control can help you set limits to where personnel can go on the property, as well as prevent strangers from entering your business when they are not invited. Through this web-based platform, you can monitor who is entering and leaving areas and have a database log of these occurrences. This can prove valuable in certain circumstances, and will give you the ability to control access at certain points throughout your business property. This automated service will ease your mind that no one is entering areas they shouldn’t be, and can keep those areas secure that have sensitive information.
  • Lighting: Being able to control the lighting throughout your business’ building can be especially important when you are not physically there. With building automation in Phoenix, you can access your lighting controls through a web-based application that will allow you to turn lights on or off as necessary, for any reason. This will give you added security and will allow you to make sure lights have been handled when you are not there to check.
  • HVAC: The heating and cooling of your business can be a big expense, and when you are not there to monitor its use, it can get out of control. Using building automation in Phoenix to ensure your HVAC system is operating properly and is set to the correct temperatures can make a world of difference on your utility bills each month. No longer will you have to worry if the temperature has been adjusted without your approval or forgotten about at the end of the day. Automated control of your HVAC system gives you the option to check this system anytime of the day from wherever you are.

With building automation in Phoenix, you will be able to have access to all the systems at your business property, whether you are physically there or not. The ability to check in when you’re away gives you key advantages that you just can’t operate without. To add building automation to your business, contact Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. We have been in business since 1989, offering integrated systems for security, access and building automation.

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