What Are GSA Certified Contractors in Phoenix?

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You may have heard the phrase “GSA certified” tossed around during your hunt for high-caliber system monitoring services. At Southwest System Monitoring, Inc., we are proud to have GSA certified contractors, because we know it offers added peace of mind to customers, and confirms the value of our services that much more.

So what does “GSA certified” actually mean?

GSA stands for General Services Administration, which is, to put it very simply, an agency that helps government work places in a very wide variety of important ways. That includes leasing or managing commercial real estate, and it also means offering top solutions for professional services such as equipment, supplies and IT. The GSA focuses on providing these services to government and military entities. To sum it up, the GSA contract helps federal entities purchase services from good companies in a more streamlined way.

Earning a GSA certification (called a GSA Schedule Contract) is helpful to contractors in several ways. To start with, this certification makes them more visible to federal buyers who are looking for specific products or services. Prices for things such as delivery and warranty are pre-negotiated, and government buyers feel an added level of confidence with a GSA certified contractor because they have been screened and confirmed as credible businesses.

Why do contractors opt for the extra work of earning a GSA certification?

You don’t have to have a GSA certification in order to work with the government—but many government entities tend to pick GSA certified contractors in Phoenix over other choices. This is first and foremost because this certification confirms that your company is a trustworthy source, further legitimizing your services and team. Additionally, GSA certified contractors are familiar with items such as purchase orders, and often have completed parts of this paperwork already, which reduces the amount of time potential buyers have to spend on it themselves.

It makes sense, then, that many businesses are able to grow more quickly after earning a GSA certification. However, they must continue to work hard to earn business and keep their customers satisfied—something that a good company, such as Southwest System Monitoring, Inc., is happy and proud to do.

How do you get a GSA certification?

Earning a GSA certification is no small task—it is hard work, and takes a long time. The first step is to electronically submit a document package called an “offer” to the GSA. This document takes time to prepare, and requires great attention to detail. After it is submitted, the GSA will review it, and will come back with any questions or clarifications, which must be quickly addressed. If all goes well, the documents are accepted at that point, and then the work of negotiating contract pricing begins. Final terms and conditions follow after, in the negotiations and final proposal revisions documents. And then, at long last, the GSA contract award can be achieved.

As you can see, GSA certified contractors in Phoenix go through a lot of hard work to better serve their government customers. We are proud to be GSA certified contractors at Southwest System Monitoring, Inc.

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