How Hospitals Can Benefit from Building Automation Systems in Phoenix

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Hospital facilities are near the top of the list of buildings that stand to benefit the most from system integration. Because hospitals are so complex and one decision has the potential to affect many people, centralizing access control with building automation systems in Phoenix could be the solution to keeping everyone happy.

Patient benefits

A building automation system is critical for the integration of a hospital facility’s many operations, and when done correctly can benefit not only the hospital and its staff, but the patients and their families as well. Patient comfort is at the forefront of every hospital’s goals, and a building automation system can account for each patient’s individuals needs while working within the energy output plans that have been set for the entire hospital.

For example, within the design of a building automation system, each room can be programmed to allow the patient to personally choose their own temperature level, or patients can be assigned to a block of rooms with similar temperature needs in a specified area, and zone heating or cooling can be used. In either instance, hospitals are able to cut back on needlessly overheating rooms when patients prefer cooler temperatures, and vice versa, bringing the energy usage down while allowing patients to rest in rooms that they feel comfortable in.

The same process can be applied to lighting needs. By allowing patients to control their own lighting, they will likely turn the lights off when they are ready to go to sleep, and back on again if they need to move around during the night. Both the patients and the hospital would undoubtedly prefer this option instead of leaving the lights on for the entire night, or waiting for an extremely busy nurse to turn off everyone’s lights late in the evening when they finally get some down time.

Benefits for all

The hospital’s admission, discharge and visitation system can also be merged onto the all-encompassing building automation system, providing even more benefits to the patients and their families. With a high-quality system that alerts all of the necessary staff members to bed openings throughout the hospital, the housekeeping in these rooms can take place right away, which ultimately leads to the open beds being made available more quickly to patients in need.

Processing visitors can also be expedited, allowing anxious visitors access to their family members with less hassle and shorter wait times. This system will be able to keep track of all of the visitors in the building at any given time, strengthening the security for all of the patients and staff.

Thanks to building automation systems in Phoenix, patients will be more comfortable, visitors will be able to see their family members in a hassle free environment and the hospital will save a substantial amount of money through reduced energy usage and better resource management. Contact Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. to learn more about how an integrated system and access control can take your facility and its operation to the next level.

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