Exploring the Financial and Environmental Benefits of Access Control in Phoenix

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Whether your business is large or small, access control in Phoenix can save your company money and help protect the environment through an analysis and reduction of your energy output. With a building maintenance system that is completely integrated, your company will benefit from improved efficiency in operations, but the additional financial and environmental benefits can truly take your business to the next level.

How your company can save money

No matter what size the building, throughout the course of a day there are likely many areas in your building that don’t see as much activity as others. In these instances, it doesn’t make much sense to keep the lights on or have the HVAC system running continuously during the day if the room is sparsely used. A building automation system specialist can analyze the few times of day that these areas are in use, and can integrate a timer or schedule for the heating or cooling to keep the area temperature controlled comfortably. Or if you are looking to control a rarely used conference room, instead of a daily timer, you can control the temperature remotely with the touch of a button on days when the room will be in use.

Just this little bit of analysis in one small segment of operations can help to save a ton of money annually, and that money that would have been spent on wasted energy can then be reinvested in the company in the form of adding much-needed resources, or hiring more employees who will continue to push your company forward. This same level of control can be applied to electrical, plumbing and other water systems. Your company budget will also take less of a hit because less maintenance will be required throughout the year. With machines programmed to shut off at predetermined thresholds, they will no longer operate at a capacity that is greater than normal, making it less likely that they will experience malfunctions due to overuse.

Reducing the strain on the environment

The efficiency of a building automation system will also cut down on wasted energy. With the overall waste of energy scaled back, less of the greenhouse gases that harm the environment will be emitted, and your company will be doing its part to help keep the atmosphere safe for everyone. With an improved plumbing system that monitors water usage in place, water waste can be reduced as well. Any opportunity to protect the resources of the world we live in is valuable, and a building automation system can aid directly in the conservation of water.

With the help of Southwest System Monitoring, Inc., you can find the ranges that your company needs to operate within to keep your entire building running smoothly and comfortably without wasting energy and other resources. Be sure to give us a call to set up a quote and learn more about the unique opportunities access control in Phoenix could provide your company. We look forward to assisting you and helping you achieve a more efficient workplace!

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