Five Benefits of Commercial Security Camera Systems in Phoenix

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If you have been waffling on whether to install cameras at your office, storefront or shop, there may be advantages that push you firmly into “yes” territory. Security camera systems in Phoenix offer businesses security, but also peace of mind and better employee surveillance. Here are five benefits a CCTV system offers your commercial enterprise:

  • Control theft: Security cameras are common where shoplifting is a risk. In addition to monitoring your customers, sometimes you need to keep an eye on your employees, too. Even with background checks, this risk remains. If you find you are missing cash or inventory, camera footage can reveal who is responsible. This not only finds the culprit, but also prevents false accusations against employees who are not involved in the theft. Theft can cripple small businesses, and you will not always have time to file insurance claims or replace items. The presence of cameras acts as a deterrent and helps you enforce policies.
  • Lower insurance premiums: Your business insurance premiums are based on risk. Insurance companies understand that the mere presence of a CCTV system reduces the chances of theft and future claims. That encourages them to offer you a lower insurance premium, which helps you save on monthly bills. Lowering your risk of theft not only offers peace of mind, but it saves you money as well.
  • Improved monitoring of secured areas: You likely maintain areas that are off limits to employees or only accessible to a specific few. Server rooms, storage areas and even the space around a safe may need monitoring to prevent tampering. Needs for secured areas vary by industry, and cameras force respect of these areas. Monitoring exposes security vulnerabilities, but also shows where there are gaps in training or security protocol, since not all trespassing is necessarily done with bad intentions. This allows you to solve problems and assure the security of these sensitive areas.
  • Liability protection: While these instances are not nearly as common, there are unscrupulous individuals looking to profit from fraud. Claims of injury are common in this area, as claimants attempt to collect money due to unsafe conditions and slip and fall accidents. Security cameras reveal what really happened with these claims and can stop fraud before it gets too deep in the insurance process. Footage can prove the incident never happened, or at least that it did not amount to the seriousness described by the claimant. This is another reason why insurance companies are often willing to charge you lower premiums if you install security cameras.
  • Monitor customer service: You cannot always be there to supervise your employees. If you take a long vacation or need to stay away from the office for a few days, security cameras with remote access reveal whether employees continue to work or offer good customer service. In retail establishments, you can also use cameras to determine which areas of your store attract the most visitors. This allows you to maintain your brand and promote values better.

Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. installs security camera systems in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. If you would like to learn about your options or receive an estimate, call us today to schedule a consultation.

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