Managed Access Control: An Essential Part of Your HOA’s Security

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There’s a reason why HOA communities are the most popular type of residential communities in the U.S. HOA communities give residents peace of mind by creating a safe and monitored community to live in. People are willing to pay out thousands of extra dollars per year for the safety guarantees that HOA communities offer, but this also means that HOA community property management companies are subject to certain requirements when it comes to the level of security they provide.

One essential part of any HOA community’s security system is managed access control, being able to manage who is able to enter the different parts of the community and when. Most HOA communities in Phoenix have certain shared amenities such as a swimming area, fitness facilities and storage units, which also require additional managed access control to avoid theft, vandalism and other potential liabilities. If you’re new to the world of access control systems in Phoenix, AZ, let us walk you through some of the basics.

What is managed access control?

Access control systems are security access systems that are integrated into the entrances to different parts of your property. This allows HOA property managers to control users’ access to doors and gates. You can manage who has access to different parts of the property and when by simply issuing key cards, codes or some other form of digital identifier.

Is the system customizable?

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of having a managed access control system is the ability to customize the system to meet your specific security needs. You can restrict residents from entering secure areas of the property and prevent staff from entering certain living spaces. You can allow temporary access for visitors and contractors. You can also customize when certain users have access to certain areas. For example, you can restrict a resident’s access to the pool area during certain hours. The level of control and security is completely up to you.

Are there other benefits besides security?

There are definitely some additional benefits to installing a managed access control system beyond your basic property security. From your main access control software, you can see which users enter what areas and when, which allows you to track employee times and attendance as well as track any invalid attempts made to access restricted areas. In the case of an emergency such as a fire, you can also use the system to ensure that everyone gets out safely and let emergency responders know who might still be inside and where. One other added benefit is that you can use your main access control software for additional security tasks like the scheduled locking or unlocking of certain doors.

Investing in access control systems in Phoenix, AZ is essential to the protection of your HOA property and the residents living there. If you manage an HOA property, don’t wait until something bad happens. Be proactive and call Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. today to get started on your custom managed access control system!

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