Two-Factor Authentication: The Newest Implementation from Eagle Eye Networks

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Security surveillance has become so accessible due to advances in Wi-Fi technology that now the average person can use it to keep tabs on their children or their home by simply logging into an app on their smart phone. These recent technology trends have made surveillance systems more convenient and better than ever, but they have also made security surveillance systems more susceptible to hacking and other threats.

Today, we find our clients aren’t just concerned about the physical security of their property and staff. They are also concerned about the cyber security of their security system. With recent news stories about hackers getting into some of the most secure systems in the world used by credit card companies and government agencies, it’s no wonder that our clients are concerned. As your local experts in surveillance systems in Phoenix, AZ, we pride ourselves on the quality and the security of the products and systems we install. That’s why we’re thrilled to inform you of one of the newest implementations being made by one of our top security brand partners, Eagle Eye Networks.

In January, Eagle Eye Networks announced the implementation of two-factor authentication for all their security cameras and applications. Two-factor authentication has been used by banks and other businesses to protect against unwanted online access to their systems. Two-factor authentication has proved to be effective, and Eagle Eye Networks was eager to provide their consumers with this same added level of protection.

So what is two-factor authentication? It’s actually pretty simple. Your online systems are usually protected by login information. You use a username, password, PIN or a combination of these three items to gain access to your security system. However, should the wrong person have your login information, or should a hacker bypass the secure login, there’s little to no backup protection in place. A two-factor authentication system provides enhanced security because it only allows users to access the system from trusted devices—login devices that have previously been authenticated. This means that should someone try to log in to your security system from another device, they won’t be allowed in, even if they are able to bypass the login information.

A login device, such as a computer or a smart phone, can only become a trusted device of the system by being authenticated. The authentication process requires that the user provide two pieces of information when adding a new device. You will need to provide a password and a six-digit security code that will be sent to you via text to a trusted phone number or to a secure email address. By adding these few extra steps, you more than double the protection of your security surveillance system.

If the online security of surveillance systems has you concerned, know that you can trust Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. to bring you the brands that provide the highest levels of online security, like Eagle Eye Networks. For more information about the best surveillance systems in Phoenix, AZ, give us a call today!

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