Five Options for Access Control Systems in Phoenix

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Access control systems are necessary for everything from the front door of your office to the sensitive server room. You need to keep employees safe and control access to classified information. Access control systems play a strong role in this security, and many are easy to use and install. Here are five options for access control systems in Phoenix that may work well for your business:

  • Keypad access: Often a favorite with front doors, keypad access pads make entry and lock changes easy. If you terminate an employee, the days of rekeying all your locks are over. You simply reprogram the access pads and share the new code with remaining workers. Codes are often easily remembered, and most locks accommodate up to 500 code changes. These systems are also resistant to weather conditions, which makes them ideal for an entrance or back door. The only drawback is if you have an employee who routinely forgets the code. Fortunately, this problem often solves itself after this individual is locked out of the building a few times.
  • Fingerprint access pads: Scanning technology evolved to read fingerprints. You never have to change codes or locks with this option; removing terminated employees’ fingerprints from the system is easy. If you have that employee who always forgets keypad codes, this solution stops the problem. Many of these systems hold up to 3,000 templates, which is more than enough for small businesses. The only drawback is that the reading surface weakens over time, and many of these systems are too sensitive to be mounted outdoors. But if you have a room or other interior area that requires extra monitoring, this is an ideal option.
  • Gesture-based software: A new line of technology opens locks through gestures. Like the pattern security on Android phones and tablets, the cameras read the user’s gestures and then determines whether they are authorized. You can also add keyboards and joystick devices if you doubt the hand-eye coordination of your employees. The trick with these is to avoid creating gesture sequences that are too complicated or too easy. Complex sequences may be impossible for employees to master, while easy ones can be watched by unscrupulous others so they can break into your premises later.
  • Retinal scans: Science fiction becomes reality with retinal scans. These biometric devices determine access based on an individual’s retina blood vessels. Unique like a fingerprint, this system is impossible to hack. However, they can be difficult to operate since the user must stay perfectly still. They are also expensive. But if you have a lot to lose in terms of equipment or proprietary information, this method is worth the investment.
  • UBands: This works like an access card except that it is a silicon band worn by your employees and other authorized personnel. If your employees already wear a watch or Fitbit device, putting on this band is an easy habit to implement. Wearing the band allows them to open doors and access areas without taking the extra step to enter a code or submit a fingerprint. If an employee loses a band, you can deactivate the missing band and give the employee a new activated one.

To learn about access control systems in Phoenix and the benefits they bring to your security, contact Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. today.

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