Options for Access Control in Phoenix Likely to Expand with Brivo-Mercury Security Partnership

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A new partnership between Brivo and Mercury Security creates new options in access control in Phoenix. The main advantage of this union is a new open hardware system that meets a growing desire among the customers of both companies. It combines the advantages of Mercury Security hardware with the cloud-based platform offered by Brivo. Here is what this development means for all of our clients.

Two talented companies

We are authorized dealers of Brivo products and know the company well. It has been offering remote security options since 1992 and is an international leader in providing security software-as-a-service.

Brivo’s specialty, meanwhile, is cloud-based access control and mobile credentials. Its mobile platform allows for centralized security management for small and medium-sized businesses and retail establishments. Brivo OnAir, the app associated with Brivo systems, allows authorized personnel to manage access control, video surveillance and mobile credentials in one cloud-based platform. It allows quicker responses to unscrupulous behavior and false alarms.

While Brivo offers the resources to manage security systems, Mercury Security provides the hardware. Mercury Security is headquartered in Long Beach, California, and has been developing access control hardware since 1992. The company sold three million panels through its Authentic Mercury open platform. It has the largest installed base and longest run time of any access provider in the world. Many of its clients swear on the reliability and peace of mind offered by its products.

There is no doubt that two giants of security hardware and software forming a partnership is a big deal. This will expand options for customers who use one product or the other to combine them and enjoy their benefits.

Advantages to customers

Both companies supported an open access system that allows elements developed by other companies to integrate. Customers often preferred Mercury hardware but loved the Brivo app for managing access control. To meet these demands, the companies decided to combine their talents and create a super-product for their customers that truly offers the best of both worlds.

With this partnership, customers can install Mercury access panels and control them with Brivo OnAir. This increases flexibility for customers currently using Mercury products, and Brivo customers can now add Mercury hardware to their systems. Both companies have developed equipment and technology recently that is compatible with this vision. It will be available in Summer 2017, although there are some options available now.

If you are considering upgrading your security and access control system, this will be the perfect time to pursue that. You will see the benefits of this partnership immediately and enjoy the convenience, reliability and ease of use that arises from Brivo software and Mercury hardware. If you are a Mercury Security customer who already invested in training staff for those systems, adding Brivo OnAir for convenience just became easier!

Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. looks forward to the future of access control in Phoenix and what it offers to your business. Call us today to speak with one of our experts and find the best security technology available to you.

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