Protect Building Automation Systems in Phoenix with Patching

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Building automation and integrated security systems play a crucial role in maintaining the operation and safety of your building, but these systems themselves can be susceptible to threats. New viruses and malware are being developed every day to target data systems and exploit sensitive information. Protecting your building’s system from such attacks is essential and it can be done by keeping your system current on software updates and virus protection.

Securing your system can be challenging, so it can be beneficial to work with professionals who deal with security and building automation systems in Phoenix to ensure that you have taken all of the necessary precautions to prevent an attack.

Malware attacks on building automation systems in Phoenix

As we move into a society that is becoming more and more automated every day, malware attacks and hacking seem to be a greater threat than ever. Whether for personal gain or (in some cases) personal enjoyment, producers of malware take advantage of weaknesses in security software in order to gain access to system controls and sensitive information. One type of malware attack that is common in the context of building automation is called a ransomware attack. A ransomware attack encrypts hard drives, which prevents users from accessing their systems and information. Once this is done, a ransomware attacker might request payment from the owner of the system to restore administrative controls.

The importance of patching your system

Some people forget about system updates or simply put them off, thinking that the current system is fine without any changes. Oftentimes, owners of buildings with automation systems wait until it’s too late to update their software and implement increased security of their system. This can have many major consequences. For one thing, a malware attack can leave your entire business paralyzed while you attempt to recover the integrity of your system. This downtime can have huge effects on your ability to go about business as usual and can cost you thousands of dollars to replace corrupted systems.

When it comes to updating your software, procrastination never pays off. New system updates and patches are designed to reinforce areas of potential weakness in your system that could be vulnerable to an attack. In order to maintain a system that works well and is protected against malware attacks, make sure to follow through with recommended patches and updates to make your system safer.

If you’re looking for assistance with your building automation systems in Phoenix, from installation to software upgrades, look no further than Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. Since 1989, we have been providing commercial, medical, corporate and government clients with integrated security systems and advanced building automation. Our decades of experience working with advanced security technology has given us the knowledge necessary to ensure that all of our clients’ systems are up to date and protected against the threat of malware attacks. Contact us and let us tell you more about all of the services that we provide and how we can help protect your building from digital security threats.

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