Why HR Should Care That Your Company Uses a Security Solution and Integrated Access Control in Phoenix

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Security experts often have to explain to clients that threats to businesses don’t always come from the outside. Sometimes, the people employers entrust as responsible and upstanding citizens turn out to be less than trustworthy. Theft, burglary and industrial espionage are a few examples of the worst-case scenario an employer could face. Luckily, the right security system can add another layer of protection and become the human resources department’s best friend.

Here is why HR should care that the company they work for uses the right security solution and integrated access control in Phoenix.

Single point access control

One of the more difficult situations to address with personnel is a firing or layoff. Regardless of a person’s service to your company, it would be foolish to allow continued access after they had been let go. In addition, consider the employee fired for theft or misuse of company facilities. This person should not have access to your building once you no longer employ them. With the right system, their access can be revoked immediately to reduce the risk of any retribution.

Access logs

As the human resources personnel will tell you, knowing who is coming and going is essential to making sure your business is functioning as it should be. Let’s say an employee is regularly putting in overtime, but not clocking in to do it for whatever reason. As silly as it might sound to be concerned by a dedicated employee, this can put you and your company at risk of a labor violation. On the other hand, if an employee constantly clocks overtime, but their keycard is putting them elsewhere at the times they claim to be clocked in, that is a serious problem for everyone involved.

Remote security for the unexpected

Let’s say you receive an alert that the main entrance to your business building had been opened by an employee late at night. While it could be an employee trying to find their lost cell phone or collecting a forgotten file, it could also be one of your employees looking to make some extra money by using your facilities to do an on-the-side job with your equipment. Whatever the case may be, a smart business owner or human resources team would be able to log in and see what is happening in the building through their cloud-based security system.

Ability to grant unusual access

Maybe your business is set up so that no one can enter the building on weekends or holidays. With a smarter system, HR could grant access to approved employees that would expire after a certain timeframe has elapsed. No more worrying about unauthorized overtime or misuse of your facilities!

Whether your business handles sensitive government information or private corporate materials, it’s important that you have additional security in place to provide a safe and secure environment. You can accomplish just that with integrated access control in Phoenix. Contact our knowledgeable and helpful team at Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. with questions, or to inquire about security services.

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