Eagle Eye Networks Makes Major Acquisitions

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What does big news look like in the video surveillance world? Well, Eagle Eye Networks buying Panasonic’s Cloud Video Surveillance and Nubo Security Camera is a good start! At first glance, the news might just seem like another acquisition that does not translate out to much for you, the end-consumer. But the reality is that this new partnership is going to bring new tools and resources to end-users around the world.

For businesses looking to use cloud based storage and surveillance camera systems in Phoenix, the first step is to break it all down for a better understanding.

Cloud or on-premise storage? Why not both?

One of the biggest issues with video, especially a lot of video, is data storage. Older, less sophisticated systems would require hard written data storage options, like compact discs or tapes. Today, the Internet and cloud storage options available offer more flexibility than ever before. The Eagle Eye/Panasonic/Nubo merger is one that tackles this issue head-on by allowing a combination of on-premise and cloud storage.

Are there cloud storage limitations?

The short answer is yes, but it comes down to your Internet service provider (ISP) and the equipment you are tying into the network. Whereas Panasonic’s cloud-based solution, Cameramanager, is limited to a set amount of cameras per site, the new revision, to be called Eagle Eye Cameramanager, will allow for more expandability and flexibility than before, which means more cameras, more access and faster storage. Because the newly formed business partnership is adding a data center to the seven already under Eagle Eye’s belt, the outcome is sure to be increased reliability and lower latency when viewing live video streams remotely.

Should we worry about cybersecurity?

Connecting anything to the Internet comes with risks, as we saw with the latest international Mirai botnet attack. The Internet of Things (IoT) has become an increasingly popular target for cybercriminals. With this product line, there is an extra layer of protection built in, in the sense that its cyber lockdown feature and encryption make breaching the system harder than ever. When it comes to the cameras, firmware is controlled outside of the hardware, making them more secure than other popular cloud-linked options.

How do you benefit?

The long and the short of the benefits to you comes in more options and increased security. With more and more companies pushing into the IoT and smart security realm, companies looking to envelope the expertise of others can only mean innovation and better products for end-users. Consider what is important for your home or business when it comes to security and surveillance—you have a lot to secure. The wrong solution could very easily open you to hackers or thieves interested in digitally casing your life.

Whether you have questions or want to install surveillance camera systems in Phoenix, contact the team at Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. We offer some of the best quality camera system hardware and systems in the industry today, and we look forward to seeing the results of the latest industry news involving Eagle Eye Networks!

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