Increased Security of Surveillance Camera Systems in Phoenix: Eagle Eye Networks’ Camera Cyber Lockdown Makes a More Cyber Secure System

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To increase the security of surveillance camera systems in Phoenix, Eagle Eye Networks, Inc. has decided to add Camera Cyber Lockdown to its products in order to make systems more secure. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Eagle Eye Networks’ Camera Cyber Lockdown?

First, Eagle Eye Networks offers on-demand cloud based and operations video management system (VMS) security. They offer both cloud-based and on-site video recording, as well as mobile viewing and alerts to ensure the best possible cyber security service to customers.

Eagle Eye Networks’ Camera Cyber Lockdown is a solution to combat cyber security breaches by making systems more secure. It blocks cameras from communication with the Internet outside of the user’s secure internal network. Security cameras won’t be susceptible to attack from outside intrusion, which is likely to lead to a serious compromise within the private network. Implanted trojans and software infections in cameras will not be allowed to communicate with the Internet, making the cameras more secure from cyber attacks. It does this no matter the user’s software quality or if they regularly update their software, and alerts you if an intrusion is detected.

Keep in mind that there are cyber security issues linked to surveillance cameras. Whether your business is low-risk, with minimal private information, or a more high-risk environment handling sensitive information, you want to be absolutely positive that your security camera network avoids being compromised.

Eagle Eye Networks’ Camera Cyber Lockdown resolves major cyber security problems

Eagle Eye Networks takes the necessary steps to ensure the best cyber security of Eagle Eye Security Camera video management systems. To do this, Camera Cyber Lockdown deploys four levels of cyber security:

  • Takes responsibility for securing the bridge: Your IT team does not need to intervene, because Eagle Eye Networks takes responsibility for strengthening and securing the Eagle Eye Bridge. The Bridge is located on the network and it connects to the Internet. Eagle Eye Networks repairs security issues in a quick and efficient manner.
  • The bridges are not exposed to the Internet: Eagle Eye Cloud Managed Video Recorders and Bridges are not revealed to the Internet. These are not left open to general attacks and there are no exposed IP addresses, so cyber attackers cannot reach it.
  • Provides a separate port on its bridges: Eagle Eye Networks provides a separate port on the Bridge to connect cameras. This means there are no cameras on your general network. Employees and others with network access cannot reach them, and in turn the cameras cannot be hacked.
  • Communication between the bridge and cloud is encrypted: This means no access to video. Eagle Eye Networks uses Advanced Encryption Standard encryption to safeguard video data that’s shared between the Bridge and cloud. If video data is hacked, it will be unusable.

Increasing the security of your surveillance camera systems in Phoenix can protect your business and safeguard sensitive information on systems that are linked to the Internet. Contact the knowledgeable team at Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. for more information about the newly available Camera Cyber Lockdown feature from Eagle Eye Networks.

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