Five Ways Commercial Building Automation in Phoenix Can Save You Money

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Technology is fantastic in many ways. A lot of technology makes our lives easier, like having the Internet at our fingertips through cell phones, and having programmable systems to ensure security. For example, building automation offers you the convenience of managing, monitoring and controlling your HVAC. It is an automatic centralized control of a building’s major systems, whether environmental, mechanical or security-related—such as heating, air conditioning, ventilation and lighting. Because a building automation system manages your building’s energy use, it’s a great solution for year-round monitoring. Using less energy means lower bills!

The following are two important building systems that can benefit from an automated commercial building control system:

  • HVAC systems: Hands down, your commercial HVAC system is the biggest consumer of energy in your building, but you want everyone to be comfortable. With building automation, you’ll get the valuable data you need to have solid control over how and when energy is used. It saves money and precious energy.
  • Lighting systems: Second in line for high energy consumption is commercial lighting. An automated light system can turn lights on and off so you don’t have to rely on people to do so.

Now, here are some ways that commercial building automation in Phoenix can save you money:

  • Monitor energy usage: Being able to continually monitor your building’s energy consumption means your facility management team can make better decisions about energy use, ultimately saving your business money. The data shows where adjustments can be made to improve HVAC performance.
  • Track systems in real time: Since commercial building automation systems are web-based for user convenience, elements like heating, cooling, ventilation, air, lighting and security can be monitored in real time. This allows your facility team to detect problems as soon as they pop up and correct them as soon as possible. Energy waste or equipment failure found early can save you money on things like bills and repair costs.
  • Adjust HVAC settings: It’s common for large buildings to have more than one HVAC installation—why heat or cool the entire building when it’s only needed in certain areas? This is also a good option for buildings with front reception areas that have doors constantly opening, letting the indoor air escape. With an automatic control setting, your team can make sure that area receives the right amount of heat or cold air it needs.
  • Reduce energy waste: Similar to modern home thermostats, a building automation system lets you set the heater or cooler to specific daily start and end times. Program it to run during business hours, but to rest overnight and on weekends.
  • Increase energy efficiency: When you track your energy usage, you know where to make adjustments to your building’s HVAC or lighting system. This is a more efficient way to use energy. It’s beneficial to the environment and saves your business money on utility bills.

To learn more about how your building can benefit from the energy saving capabilities of building automation in Phoenix, call the team at Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. Our experts will ensure you understand everything about it—don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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