Five Things You Need to Know Before Investing in Access Control Systems in Phoenix

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We at Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. understand that your business requires security that you can rely on, whether you’re securing a single door or multiple rooms and buildings across your company’s campus. Access control systems in Phoenix can help you create a safe and secure environment in your business and often come with special features that allow you to establish different permissions levels, track access in real time or create alerts.

Before you explore all of your options for access control systems in Phoenix, there are a few basic things to consider. By taking the time to research and think through your options for access control, you’ll be better prepared to purchase the right system that meets all of your business’ needs:

  • Purpose: What your business will use the access control system for can largely determine what kind of system you should buy. The system’s purpose may warrant different levels of security. Are you trying to secure a parking garage, which might only require an access card? Or do you need highly sensitive areas to be tightly secured with thumbprints and additional levels of security?
  • Size: Next, you’ll need to figure out what size system you’ll need. Not all businesses will require the same type or size system, so you’ll need to find a supplier of access control systems in Phoenix that caters to your business needs. Determine whether you’re trying to secure a single door, all doors in your building or areas across multiple buildings.
  • Tracking reports: Does your business require the ability to run reports to see entries and exits by personnel and others? Some systems offer reporting in different varieties; some may be real-time, while others may be delayed a day or longer. Also know if you’ll need custom reports or if standard reports will serve your needs.
  • Accessibility: What level of accessibility do you need to get into the system? Will your business require a system that can be accessed anywhere with an online connection? When researching your supplier, make sure their systems are reliable and are easy to access and control wirelessly.
  • Support: Does your business have an IT department that can easily handle the maintenance and credentials logging for your access control system? Is the interface easy to use and update when removing or adding access? Or, will you need more support from your service provider? If you do require support, make sure the provider has a team equipped to handle customer support and is well known for their customer satisfaction.

Purchasing an access control system for your business is a smart move; whether you just need your building to be secured or you require certain areas to be under high security, your company can be sure that your system will be safe and secure. In order to capitalize on that security, though, you must be willing to prepare and research to choose the right system that works for you.

Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. is your premier provider of access control systems in Phoenix. For over 25 years, we’ve helped a variety of clients—from commercial to government to education—install and maintain advanced integrated security systems and building automation systems. Our highly skilled and certified technicians can help to engineer, design and draft your company’s next access control system. Call us today!

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