Brivo Visits Security Industry Trade Show

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Brivo has been offering high-tech security and surveillance systems to governmental, commercial and industrial clients for more than a decade. Brivo is consistently one of the building automation industry’s top leaders, which is why they recently visited one of the nation’s top security industry trade shows, ISC West.

ISC West allows industry leaders to showcase their latest technology and form valuable partnerships. Brivo showcased its latest and greatest innovations in the field of cloud-based building automation and video surveillance.

If you are looking for a lasting way to implement building automation at your corporate, industrial or governmental space, you may want to consider installing a Brivo system. Brivo’s position as an industry leader has been cemented with more than a decade of technological innovation and industry engagement.

Here are just some of the reasons that you may want to consider using a Brivo cloud-based building automation system to control and monitor access to your sensitive products or sites:

  • Lower ownership costs: Compared with other access control systems, Brivo is surprisingly affordable! The total cost of ownership is roughly 76 percent lower than with traditional software systems responsible for building automation in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Easy to use: Once your Brivo system is installed, it’s incredibly easy to use and navigate! You can manage your building automation in Phoenix, AZ from any compatible device or computer. There’s no need to maintain an entire system just for security purposes.
  • Secure software: Brivo’s cloud-based building automation software is trusted by governmental, industrial, corporate and commercial clients around the world. Brivo automatically backs up and archives your data, making retrieval easy!
  • Access control: Brivo is pioneering new access control technology every day. Brivo is the industry’s most trusted source of easy-to-use access control software and hardware for a reason. It’s simple to incorporate Brivo access control technology into employees’ workflows.
  • Simple integration: Integrating Brivo building automation technology with your existing security and software systems has never been easier. Brivo is designed to integrate with a number of compatible software and hardware pieces.

Since 1989, Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. has been providing high-quality, high-tech security services for commercial, industrial and governmental clients. You can count on us to consistently deliver dependable surveillance and security solutions, as well as building automation in Phoenix, AZ. Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. is an authorized Brivo system retailer and installer, meaning that we are capable of outfitting your space with the cloud-based tools you need to keep it safe, surveilled and secure. Protect your assets, employees and sensitive areas by installing Brivo’s signature building automation technology at your corporate or governmental site.

We are known for our attention to detail and dedication to client needs. Our knowledgeable and professional associates can help you address and contain any security threats that your site or organization may be facing. If you are ready to bring your safety practices into the 21st century and invest in high-quality building automation solutions, you should reach out to one of our helpful representatives today!

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