Brivo Integrates Mercury Security’s Open Hardware Solutions Into Its OnAir Access Control System

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Access control systems in Phoenix need to be highly customizable in order to serve the needs of individual clients and address specific solutions. As an industry leader in cloud-based access control, Brivo understands this better than anyone. To ensure customers are getting truly tailored solutions for their access control needs, the company has announced a partnership with Mercury Security.

Through this partnership, Brivo will pair its widely successful OnAir cloud-based access control platform with Mercury Security’s proven hardware solutions. Mercury’s hardware is open to supporting a cloud-backed management system, enabling users already familiar with these technologies to implement Brivo’s system seamlessly. Customers will be able to take full advantage of the familiarity offered by Mercury’s industry-leading products, while also reaping the cloud-based management benefits Brivo is praised for.

Complete Integration

The goal of this partnership is a simple one: to help customers get completely tailored access control, no matter the scale or scope of the implementation. Because Mercury provides a diverse range of hardware—from controllers and readers, to integrated products and accessories—customers are able to create the framework for their ideal access control needs. Then, through integration of Brivo cloud technologies, management and SaaS features, customers can operate their facilities in a scalable, easily-controlled nature.


Brivo’s partnership with Mercury Security also opens the door for simple scalability in an access control environment. Brivo’s cloud-based system allows for access points and control systems to be added and removed simply, while remaining managed within a closed environment. And, with Mercury’s convenient hardware solutions, the optimal products can be quickly intertwined into an existing system. The result is solutions that are agile and adaptable.


Familiarity is crucial in managing access control systems in Phoenix. Operators need to understand the capabilities, limits and pure function of their system, in order to ensure it’s being utilized properly.

Mercury has been a trusted name in access control since 1992, with legacy products in place worldwide. Brivo has been a pioneer in cloud-based access control since 2002. Together, this partnership leverages decades of proven experience and familiarity, bringing customers a cohesive access control solution that makes sense for their business, without triggering dramatic change.

All-in-One Solution

Brivo’s partnership with Mercury Security is truly an all-in-one solution for access control—one that has the potential to meet the needs of customers of any scale. OnAir customers will experience the peace of mind that comes with front-facing and cloud-based access control technologies, allowing them to properly manage and oversee the critical function of these systems as a cohesive whole.

Finally, partnerships such as this one make things easier for integrated security solutions providers, like Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. Familiarity with both brands and their products, as well as their compatible nature, makes installing comprehensive, tailored access control systems simpler. It’s possible to provide better solutions, quicker, with better insight into how to adapt these compatible technologies to the benefit of each application. To learn more about these and other developments in access control systems in Phoenix, reach out to Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. today.

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