A Peek Ahead: Brivo at ISC West 2018

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The start of a new year means that spring isn’t too far off, and with it, the annual ISC West conference! ISC West is the largest security industry trade show exposition in the world, bringing together more than 1,000 different exhibitors and companies, each with their own innovations on display for the private security industry to learn more about. In 2017, more than 30,000 people visited the conference, and it’s only expected to grow in 2018!

A Gathering of Innovators

ISC West is a great opportunity for companies and individuals to learn more about the many facets of private security that they may soon be delivering to their clients. At Southwest System Monitoring, Inc., we’re excited to learn more about everything from access control technology improvements, to how we might be able to help our customers improve building automation in Phoenix. ISC West brings these technologies to the forefront.

Brivo at the Show

One of the must-see booths at ISC West each year is put together by Brivo. A long-time leader in access control and cloud-based facilities controls systems, Brivo always has cutting-edge technology to showcase at the event. The company’s OnAir system and 2017 partnership with Mercury Security have paved the way for some amazing integrated technologies that are sure to make an appearance at this year’s show!

This year, we’ll be visiting Brivo at booth 26109, to see what new innovations they have to offer in the way of cloud-based physical access control systems and mobile credentials. As a Brivo Authorized Dealer, we continually keep ourselves apprised of the company’s latest developments. Some of the products we’re looking forward to seeing include:

  • Access control (card readers, panels, security entry controls)
  • IoT security
  • Network security
  • Video surveillance

The big focus this year is undoubtedly going to be access control’s affiliation with the Internet of Things (IoT). As more and more smart devices come into play in workspaces across industries, access control needs to grow and evolve to meet the security demands associated with these devices.

Digital Security

There’s going to be a major focus on digital security again this year at ISC West. Cyber threats are more pertinent than ever, and they demand security solutions that are able to thwart them before they become serious. This includes access control protection from remote hackers—something that has garnered tremendous attention from access control developers.

As we continue to explore building automation in Phoenix, digital security becomes a cornerstone of implementation. ISC West is going to focus heavily on digital security in an increasingly connected world.

See You There!

Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. is looking forward to everything that comes out of ISC West this year, and we’ll be keeping our sights trained on learning more about new solutions that will best serve our customers.

ISC West will take place April 11-13, 2018 at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas, NV. For more information about exhibitors or for a comprehensive floorplan of the event, visit the event’s website at https://www.iscwest.com/.

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