How to Talk to Employees About Security Systems in Phoenix

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Installing a security system in your building is a positive step towards safety for your employees, customers, products and hardware that affords you much more peace of mind as a business owner. However, making major changes to the security protocol in your business may require some adjustment on the part of your employees. Communicating with your employees about the changes you are making to your business security is essential to maintain trust and ensure that everyone in your workplace is adhering to new policies and procedures. By taking the right steps to communicate with your employees and train them on safety protocols for new security systems in Phoenix, you can avoid miscommunications and missteps:

  • Start early: You don’t want to spring a brand-new system on your employees at the last minute. Make sure that you begin communicating with employees about your new security system as soon as you decide to have one installed. It’s a good idea to talk with your employees in an in-person meeting, and then follow up in writing or via email to ensure that everyone is informed about the upcoming changes.
  • Open up the discussion: Big changes in your workplace should be discussed at length so that everyone is informed about the role that they play in the success of new safety protocols. Employees should feel free to ask questions about the new systems that are being installed and what they are expected to do going forward when it comes to accessing the building or reporting suspicious behavior. Emphasize that the security system is being installed in an effort to increase workplace safety and that employees will benefit from the change. If an employee asks a question that you aren’t sure how to answer, make sure to meet with the people responsible for implementing the new security protocol and find out how to respond appropriately.
  • Incorporate a variety of training tools: When it comes to training on security systems in Phoenix, depth of information is important. Don’t hold several longwinded in-person meetings. Instead, switch up your training style by incorporating meetings, emails, written content, online surveys, articles, videos and any other media that might aid you in the training process. Everyone absorbs information differently, so it’s important to cover all of your bases. You should also have your new safety protocol written out and put into your employee manual so that it can be referenced down the road.

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