Experience Dramatic Energy Savings This Summer with Building Automation in Phoenix

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As the summer weather really starts to heat up, you probably find yourself cranking up your AC system more and more. While it’s essential that you keep your employees as comfortable as possible, you’re probably not looking forward to a major increase in your monthly energy bill. The good news is that you can significantly reduce the amount you pay for cooling in the summer (and heating in the winter) by investing in building automation in Phoenix this summer. Find out more about how making a move to a more technologically integrated business can benefit you when it comes to preserving your bottom line:

  • Increased awareness of energy usage: The more you think about your energy usage, the more likely you are to find ways to reduce your waste. It’s easy to let your energy use get out of control over the summer if you aren’t committing any thought to how you are using energy and how you can use it more conservatively. With building automation in Phoenix, you can view your energy usage at a glance and quickly identify areas that are draining energy without providing any real benefit, like cooling and lighting in storage rooms.
  • Smart thermostats: You might be surprised at just how much energy is wasted heating or cooling your building unnecessarily. On the weekends or overnight, set your thermostat to adjust temperatures to save as much energy as possible. An automated system allows you to monitor your energy usage and can even point to inefficiencies or leaks in your system that are costing you money. Smart thermostats can make a huge difference by monitoring activity and adjusting temperatures accordingly.
  • Lighting preservation: Lighting is the second largest consumer of energy in the average building, which means that taking steps to use less of it can make a huge difference. Automation allows you to set up motion-controlled lighting in conference rooms and break rooms so that you can save as much light as possible. It’s also a good idea to use energy efficient lighting options that will cost less to operate. If you have an office that’s full of big windows, you can even turn your lighting down or turn it off completely on especially bright and sunny days.

At Southwest System Monitoring, Inc., we have seen the amazing difference that building automation in Phoenix can make, time and time again. When you choose us to help you automate, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best service possible to achieve the most beneficial outcomes for your business. We’ve been providing automation services to our clients since 1989, and have been long the first choice for many major companies in and around Phoenix. We are dedicated to helping you achieve a sophisticated building system that’s intuitive and easy to use. We can walk you through all of the services and products that we provide and work to create an automation plan that’s conducive to your building, your needs and your goals. Call us today to schedule your consultation and get started!

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