Cyber Security Tips for Businesses

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Today, some of the most pressing security issues facing companies no longer come from the physical world. The most challenging security threats most institutions and businesses deal with today involve the internet. In our increasingly digitized and automated world, it’s becoming increasingly easy for bad actors to adversely affect companies.

Even your company’s physical assets may not be safe from cyber meddling. Because businesses are increasingly relying on interconnected access control technologies, as well as internet-enabled thermostats and more, implementing a robust range of cyber security measures is even more important now than ever before.

Developing a cyber security strategy that works well for you and your institution, however, is nothing but challenging. Thanks in part to the continuously shifting nature of technology, it’s often difficult to implement a long-term strategy that keeps your employees and your assets safe from cyber meddling. Consulting with an expert in commercial security systems in Phoenix, AZ, however, can help you establish a robust cyber security protocol that meets your needs.

In the meantime, here are a few best practices that you can implement around your office to ensure a responsible approach to cyber security:

  • Update regularly: One of the most significant things you can do to protect your institution’s network is updating all of your computers and internet-enabled devices as frequently as possible. Software and firmware updates often include invaluable security patches that address active, ongoing security threats. Staying on top of necessary system updates can help you keep your systems running as intended, without interference.
  • Secure your networks: Another step that you can take to prevent outside interference is installing a firewall system to protect your network against undesirable intervention. Installing a firewall can both aid employee productivity by blocking distracting sites, like social media pages, and protect against unknown security threats that may otherwise enter your network through websites or infected emails.
  • Install robust antivirus protection: While built-in computer security systems have improved drastically since the early 2000s, it’s still important to install a trusted third-party antivirus software system on all of your work computers. This software can help prevent initial infections, and keep infections from spreading throughout the entirety of your computer network.
  • Change passwords regularly: All of the passwords in your network should be changed at least once every quarter. All it takes is one compromised password for your company or institution to lose lots of valuable data. You should encourage your employees to change their passwords frequently. If your system allows it, you may even want to set an expiration date on your system passwords.

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