Frequently Asked Questions About Access Control in Phoenix

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An access control system is designed to ensure that only authorized people can gain access to a building or facility. These systems might have slightly different functionalities and features depending on where they are installed, but many of the basic aspects of access control systems are consistent from one system to another. With that in mind, there are a few common questions about access control in Phoenix that apply to most systems. Read on for some more information about this technology so that you can decide whether it’s the right choice for your building:

  • What is included in an access control system? An access control system has a number of features that allow the system to operate effectively. Access control systems have a door sensor that can detect whether doors are open, readers that are used to give users access to a building when they scan their key or fob, a control panel that is responsible for the operation of the system, an exit reader or button that tracks when users leave the building and electrical mechanisms that lock and unlock doors.
  • How does access control work? After an access control system is installed, authorized users can enter the building by scanning their key card or their fob. The control panel can be used to set specific entry parameters by limiting entry to particular parts of your facility or limiting hours when users can enter the premises. These changes will automatically be reflected in the system once you make the change—there’s no need to switch out entry keys. You can also revoke access for specific users in the system, even if they still have their access keys.
  • Are there integration options? Access control in Phoenix can be integrated with a number of systems and platforms. You can add security cameras and set up intrusion detection that’s connected to a security alert system. You can also use access control systems to keep track of employee hours for payroll purposes.
  • What about power outages? Many access control systems have battery backups, so they will continue to operate even if there is a power outage. You can also continue using physical keys for your doors in case your access control system stops working unexpectedly.
  • What if users lose their access keys? If someone loses their access key, you can issue a new one and cancel access for the key that was lost. This gives you complete control over who can get into your building and reduces the likelihood that a missing key will fall into the wrong hands.

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