High-Security Card Readers: Info About Access Control in Phoenix

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Property crimes are unfortunately common in the United States, especially among certain types of commercial properties, which is why so many business owners across the nation choose to invest in security and access control. Rather than using an old-school gate system that may or may not actually prevent criminal activity, consider what you can do to enhance your access control through a card access system.

Here are several of the primary reasons why card access control systems in Phoenix continue to be one of the most popular security options for American businesses:

  • Losing a key no longer becomes a major hassle: Standard keys routinely get lost and can fall into the wrong hands. When such a situation occurs, the facility might find it necessary to change out locks and keys, proving a tremendous hassle to everyone who requires access to the building. However, with a card access control system, the company can simply deny access to that specific card and then issue a new card to the employee who lost the key—it’s that simple.
  • Record who comes into the building: Card access systems can store information about all the people who enter the building. As soon as an employee scans the card, the system will record the time and location at which the scan occurred and the name of the person whose card was used. As such, if makes it easy to identify who was in the building if an incident of vandalism or a burglary occurs. It’s also easier to track work hours and point to discrepancies in log sheets, as needed.
  • Better oversight: It doesn’t take too much work to integrate your security system with your entire building management system to streamline your controls and operations. Once connected, you’ll have total oversight to your security with things like electronic access logs and process control systems. Someone swipes the wrong card? Your system will log it. Want to know when a door was last accessed? Check the card scan log! Your level of oversight increases dramatically with a card access control system.
  • Enhance your available protections to employees: One of the biggest benefits of using an access control system is the extra security it affords to your property and employees. Let’s say you have an employee who wishes to stay at work late. The extra controls over who is allowed access into the facility ensure their safety, which is especially important if they’re the only one around. Adding video surveillance capabilities and other security measures only increases the level of protections you have.
  • Insurance in the event of computer crashes: If you have a power outage or computer crash, your access control system will automatically back up all of your data, meaning you can easily recover it and not have to worry about having lost that important information permanently.

Looking for more reasons why you should consider investing in a card access control system in Phoenix for your business? Contact our team today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about the technology.

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