How Security Systems in Phoenix Affect Insurance Rates

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Most people invest in security systems because they want to protect themselves, their property and their possessions, but there are a lot of additional benefits that security systems in Phoenix offer for business owners. In many cases, installing a security system can actually save you money on your business insurance. Read on to learn more about how security systems can save you money thanks to reduced insurance rates.

Security systems and insurance

To understand how security systems affect your insurance rates, it’s important to consider how insurance fees are structured in the first place. Business owners are all required to have some kind of insurance coverage to protect their property and possessions. There are a variety of different factors that affect insurance rates, including the size of your building, the value of the equipment and possessions inside and the location of your building. A business that has a lot of expensive equipment and products—like computer chips, hard drives and electronics, for example—will likely pay a higher insurance premium for their coverage than a small storefront without any costly equipment.

Insurance companies charge businesses fees that are commensurate with the value of what’s being covered to offset the risk of theft, damage and other circumstances that may result in an insurance claim. The reason why security systems in Phoenix can reduce the cost of insurance to businesses is because it reduces the risk for insurance companies. When you install a security system in your business, you can report it to your insurance company and request a lower fee because of the reduced risk.

Reporting security systems to insurance

Not every insurance company will offer a discount when you have a security system installed, so it’s important to follow a few steps to ensure that you have the best possible chance of getting a reduced insurance premium. First, make sure that you hire a professional installation contractor to install your security system. A certified installer will be able to provide you with a written evaluation consultation and security plan that you can use to petition your insurance company for a fee reduction.

Once you have had your security system installed, you can contact your insurance representative to inform them of the security measures you’ve taken. They may ask for some documentation or records to verify that you have had a system installed, and then they will consider whether you qualify for a fee reduction. It’s a good idea to ask your insurance company about their relevant policies prior to installing a security system so that you know what to expect from the outset.

Security systems in Phoenix

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