An Introduction to SPECTROM Clinical Systems

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Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. (SSMI) now installs and sells SPECTROM clinical management systems. SPECTROM clinical systems in Scottsdale, AZ are valuable tools that healthcare providers can use to improve efficiency and elevate patient care. This visually oriented communication system is on the cutting-edge of healthcare technology. The SPECTROM system allows healthcare professionals to seamlessly, discreetly and effortlessly communicate.

Team communication is essential to providing patients with desirable healthcare outcomes. In fact, poor communication is one of the leading causes of failed healthcare. The SPECTROM clinical systems in Scottsdale, AZ are specially designed tools that allow healthcare providers to signal patient information, the status of operating rooms, waiting rooms and more to each other across large healthcare facilities.

In many ways, SPECTROM’s visual communication technology is making it easier for healthcare providers to ditch outdated means of communication, like color-coded door flags and spreadsheets. SPECTROM systems allow for advanced data logging, and make it possible for healthcare professionals to communicate with patients in a more effective, compassionate manner.

There are a number of applications for SPECTROM clinical systems in Scottsdale, AZ, for both long-term and short-term healthcare facilities, including the following:

  • Independent living centers: Senior independent living is a step along the continuum of care. This means that seniors in independent living facilities are generally independent, but they often still need assistance with some aspects of daily life, including building maintenance and management. Our room management system allows independent seniors to easily communicate care and home maintenance needs to staff members.
  • Hospitals: Hospitals are fast-paced environments, where it can be easy to become confused in certain circumstances. The integrated clinical call system from SPECTROM is a specialized tool designed to improve staff communication and optimize patient care at fast-paced, busy hospital care centers. It allows for faster response time and more effective space utilization.
  • Outpatient care clinics: SPECTROM clinical systems in Scottsdale, AZ are specially designed to optimize and improve outpatient care. They offer one-touch activation with no data entry necessary; additionally, they make it easy for building staff to gain access to room status. The SPECTROM room management system offers a holistic approach to healthcare facility management.
  • Assisted living centers: Assisted living centers are similar to independent living centers, but they often include services for seniors who struggle more with daily tasks, like bathing and dressing. SPECTROM’s room management system is ideally suited for seniors in assisted living care. They can easily communicate daily care needs to staff members in a friendly, unobtrusive way.

SSMI is a trusted provider of SPECTROM clinical systems in Scottsdale, AZ, as well as a range of security and visual surveillance technologies. We also specialize in the installation and development of building management technologies. If you’re considering ways to improve your operating efficiency, consider reaching out to one of the highly qualified experts at SSMI. We’re proud to provide high-quality services to each and every one of our clients. We offer free estimates and consultations for all prospective clients. If you’re considering investing in SPECTROM systems or other technologies, give us a call today.

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