How Exam Room Visual Communications Systems Can Improve Your Healthcare Environment

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Advances in recent technology are changing the ways in which healthcare is delivered. Exam room visual communications systems are allowing healthcare providers to communicate with their teams and with patients in exciting new ways. Installing an exam room visual communication system in Phoenix, AZ can empower doctors and nurses to better manage their healthcare facilities and provide better patient outcomes.

While exam room visual communication systems are valuable tools for healthcare practitioners and hospital managers, patients possibly reap the most significant benefits from these innovative pieces of technology. Here are just some of the ways that you can improve the patient experience at your healthcare center by installing an exam room visual communication system in Phoenix, AZ:

  • Improved wayfinding: Navigating a healthcare facility is notoriously challenging. Installing visual communications systems throughout your healthcare space, however, can make it easier for patients to get around your healthcare facility and find their way to their exam room or patient room. These systems also make it easier for patients to ask a team member for directions.
  • Patient entertainment and communication: If a patient is staying in a room for an extended period of time, a visual communication system may make it easier for them to connect to hospital staff when they find themselves in need of assistance. Additionally, visual communication systems can be programmed to include entertainment content that can make patients’ stays more enjoyable.
  • Delivering healthcare content: Delivering healthcare content to your patients is a well-known challenge. Providing it over a visual communications system can make it easier for your patients to digest and receive vital information related to their conditions and their care. Whether you’re showing charts, x-ray results or an informational video, visual communications systems represent a valuable tool you can use to connect with your patients.
  • Collaboration: It’s important that every practitioner delivering care to a patient is on the same page. Investing in an exam room visual communication system in Phoenix, AZ can help you ensure that your team is ready to collaborate. These systems make it easier than ever before to share notes, information and test results across a large healthcare campus.
  • Improved workflow: There are a number of administrative tools built into visual communications systems. You can use these to optimize the workflow of your healthcare facility and ensure that you’re providing your patients with the best possible care and outcomes. It’s possible to synchronize calendars, patient profiles and more across a large healthcare delivery network.

Since 1989, Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. has been a premier provider of building automation technologies, including exam room visual communication systems. We’re proud to stay on the cutting edge of building management systems, and we’re proud of our ability to provide our clients with integrated digital solutions that help them improve their efficiency and the quality of care they provide to their patients. To learn more about ways that you and your organization may benefit by installing an exam room visual communication system in Phoenix, AZ, reach out to one of our friendly representatives today.

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