Six Advantages of Exam Room Visual Communication Systems

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Exam room visual communication systems can revolutionize healthcare. When the care and health of patients is on the line, streamlining communication can make all the difference in the world in terms of health and the smooth running of medical facilities. While it can be a substantial investment to implement these systems, they often prove well worth their value. Here are six advantages of an exam room visual communication system in Phoenix:

  • Increase response time: Minutes matter, especially in emergency situations. These systems allow staff to communicate emergencies, and the nature of them, immediately. Medical personnel know immediately where the emergency occurs and how quickly they need to arrive. There is no time wasted for briefings or figuring out where to use medical resources. It is all immediately available through visual communications.
  • Reduce malpractice claims: Malpractice frequently arises from miscommunication. However, visual communication is the best way to ensure that everyone is on the same page and treatment plans are followed. It also supports better record keeping, which allows personnel to coordinate better. There are fewer mistakes and less chance of liability when these systems offer streamlined communication.
  • Improved record keeping: These systems are quicker to use when medical personnel need to make notes. Administration of medications, meals, therapies, preventative care and special requests are all kept in one easy-to-use system. Also, since the systems are more instinctive and accessible, medical personnel can address items better. There is less worry that special notations and other developments will go undocumented.
  • Real-time communication: In busy medical facilities, it is easy to become distracted and not convey information in a timely manner. This causes delays in updating records or informing other staff when care was provided. When communication is in real time, information is conveyed more efficiently and accurately. There are no worries about doctors and nurses being left out of the loop or questions on whether the records are actually current.
  • Detailed records: Each addition in these systems is time stamped and presented accurately in chronological order. There is no risk of late entries being presented out of order or vital details missing. When there are shift changes, accurate and detailed records are vital to patient care. These systems facilitate that through their ease and automatic functions, including time-stamped entries.
  • Better patient care: In this world of malpractice claims, overworked staff and an aging population, better care is paramount at all medical facilities and care homes. As communication and record keeping are the basis of patient care, perfecting these systems improve overall treatment and care. This can lead to better recovery times for patients, as well as reducing the chances of liability against hospitals and other medical facilities. Patients can rest assured that their treatment needs are met and know that all medical personnel have their best interests in mind.

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