Six Reasons Cloud-Based Security Systems Should Be Present in Every Business

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CCTV and video security systems have undergone substantial improvement within the last few years. Cloud-based security systems are quickly becoming the new norm in the Phoenix area because of their numerous advantages. If you are considering a security system for your business, here are six reasons to consider a cloud-based one:

  • Accessible footage: With a cloud-based system, you do not need to be on site or able to directly access equipment to see the footage. When you have an employee acting suspiciously or suspect break-in attempts, monitoring footage off-site can prove advantageous. You can access footage from your computer at home or any other location where you can review from a distance. This is especially important if you suspect criminal activity that could place your security staff in danger.
  • Protect assets: Cloud-based systems can be set up in such a way that there are no blind spots and most areas can be monitored. This allows better surveillance of employees and guests to ensure asset protection and control of restricted areas. Also, insurance coverage is often less expensive if you have a good security system, so your bank account is one asset that will receive additional protection.
  • Great deterrent: If disgruntled employees or suspicious characters consider committing crimes against your business, a well-placed security system will help them think better of those plans. Security systems have long proved to be a great deterrent against crime, and they work even better when you have the best technology on your side. Make the investment now and you will prevent crime, theft and embezzlement rather than face the impacts of those poor choices.
  • Long term back-up: You can keep footage from cloud-based systems for years. Back in the days of VHS tapes, it was often necessary to record over old tapes or dispose of them when they became too worn out. This is no longer an issue when you can store footage and back it up on a cloud system. You can keep years of footage which can prove instrumental if you discover crimes and shortcomings much later and need to file an insurance claim.
  • Meets security standards: HIPAA and personal information protection acts contain specific protections for sensitive areas and security systems. If you manage a medical facility, cloud-based security systems can monitor sensitive areas and ensure the protection of private and protected information. The same is true for information security standards in financial firms or any area that contains valuable objects.
  • Verify time management: The cloud-based system allows you to review footage if an employee is accused of misbehavior or failed to show up at work when they claim they did so. The same is true if they waste time or travel to areas of the building where they are not allowed. Cloud-based security systems keep that footage safe and allow you to monitor employees for as long as needed without worrying about where to store the footage.

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