Using Exam Room Visual Communication Systems to Improve Doctor/Patient Understanding

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One of the most important parts of any healthcare practice is doctor/patient communication. A great doctor/patient relationship is built upon understanding each other—a patient needs to make their needs and symptoms clear, while a doctor needs to be able to express medical concepts and treatments in a way that a layperson can understand. That’s why Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. is so proud of our SPECTROM clinical systems—these exam room visual communication systems are revolutionizing Phoenix, AZ healthcare practices. In addition, these systems can help make the management of your practice easier and more efficient than ever. Read on to find out how!

Outside of the exam or hospital room

In addition to their exam room visual communication systems, SPECTROM also provides management systems for healthcare professionals. The real-time data reporting can report on the current state of exam rooms, operating rooms and even the waiting rooms, as well as recording response time between staff and patients. The data logging allows for better, real-time record keeping with a wall-mounted touchscreen control panel. You’ll be able to keep track of patient needs and events—including food, medication, bathing and other necessary information—with the time-stamped record keeping feature.

They’re also useful for helping your patients navigate their way around a large healthcare facility, and deliver information among the entire campus’ staff and healthcare professionals.

Inside the exam or hospital room

Patients and doctors have to bridge a communication gap in order to administer effective treatment—sometimes, it can feel like they’re speaking two different languages. Using visual communication tools can help doctors understand what the patient is going through, as well as explain to the patient what is wrong.

We love the collaborative environment this creates. Doctors can show their patients charts, informational videos, x-rays, scans and other visual content that will help patients understand exactly what the problem is, as well as provide the patient with illustrations that help them describe their symptoms.

Exam room visual communication systems in Phoenix, AZ aren’t limited to utilitarian purposes, either—your patients can enjoy entertainment options that will make their visit more pleasant. Most healthcare facilities are very busy, and patients’ conditions can be unpredictable, which translates into increased waiting time. Having a way to keep your patients entertained and distracted can assuage anxiety, impatience and boredom.

Ultimately, exam room visual communication systems are a comprehensive way to outfit your practice with the latest in digital technology, and the benefits extend to everyone: patients, staff, doctors and nurses. When you’re ready to upgrade your communication systems, be sure to call Southwest System Monitoring, Inc.

Exam room visual communication systems in Phoenix, AZ

Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. is proud to provide exam room visual communication systems to the Phoenix, AZ area. We understand the importance of building automation and management technology, and pride ourselves on giving our clients the digital solutions that are right for them. If you’re interested in finding out how an exam room visual communication can improve your doctor/patient communications, call us today.

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