We Live in an Age When Educational Institution Security Systems Are Vital

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It seems like every few weeks there’s another headline about a school shooting. Or an averted shooting. Or a bomb threat. It’s heart-wrenching, but it’s the reality of the world we live in now. Schools aren’t just places to learn and grow—they’re places where people may need to protect themselves. It’s why there’s been such a rise in demand for educational institution security systems in Phoenix, AZ.

Like active shooter drills and emergency evacuation procedures, security systems are a way for schools to safeguard against threats. They serve a vital role in both preventing catastrophic situations and managing them if the worst happens.

Preventing dangerous situations

Institutional security systems are a first line of defense against individuals posing a threat to schools. Systems like access control keep unfamiliar people out of the building or, once they’re inside, can limit their access to areas where people might be at risk. Imagine being able to keep a would-be shooter outside a school because they don’t have credentials to enter the building. Or, think about the lives saved by locking hallway doors at both ends, trapping an assailant in a confined area.

Beyond access control, camera systems and motion detection systems are also important. They give first responders and administrators important information to act on a dangerous situation in real time. Seeing a shooter on camera can help police identify them, while motion sensors can alert response teams to their movements even where cameras aren’t available.

Emergency alerting

Part of any modern educational institution security systems in Phoenix, AZ, emergency alerting is an important safeguard. If a situation erupts, a security system needs to help mitigate casualties and opportunities for harm.

Sirens and lights are an immediate way to let people know there’s a dangerous situation afoot. In the modern age, digital alerts are even better. They can notify anyone on campus that a situation is in progress, giving them instructions for how to avoid it and keep themselves safe. Many systems even offer cloud integration, to send emails and messages to specific groups.

Keeping schools safe

Every child deserves to go to school and believe they’re in a safe environment. It’s up to administrators to provide them with this peace of mind. Drills and safety standards are a good start, but institutional security systems are the true first line of defense. From stopping situations from occurring to keeping people abreast of a developing one, these systems can be the difference between life and death.

Politics aside, it’s important to realize that schools are a target for violence these days. No matter the motivations of a school shooter or anyone who aims to cause harm, the response should be the same: swift and effective, protective of anyone being targeted. Nothing does this better than an educational institutional security system in Phoenix, AZ. It’s the first and best way to keep students, teachers and anyone else in the building safe and out of harm’s way. Reach out to Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. to learn more about how our systems can help protect your school.

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