Can Your Business Benefit from an Access Control System?

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The days of opening doors at a business with an old-fashioned metal key should be long gone. Instead, each door should open with a key fob, PIN code, bio-metric touch or facial recognition. These are all different access control systems that provide greater security and are easy for building managers to use. Continue reading to learn a few of the top reasons to upgrade your business facility with access control in Phoenix.

Easily establish permissions

In some companies or industries, buildings have areas that are off limits unless employees have a certain clearance or permission level. You could lock these areas off with a traditional key, but that means the individuals with permission will have to carry around an additional key everywhere they go. Ditch that hassle by installing an access control system that opens the door without the need for a standard key.

Open doors remotely

If an employee forgets their key, they’ll need to wait around for someone to walk by or call a maintenance person to open the door. That’s a pain for everyone involved. The good news is that this hassle can be solved by upgrading to an access control system. Our Brivo Blue access control systems allow operators to open doors with the touch of the button, even from thousands of miles away.

Difficult to duplicate

Any locksmith with a key-making machine can duplicate a traditional key in a matter of minutes. That’s handy for people who need a spare key for their house, but it’s a nightmare for building operators who need to ensure their business is safe. Even if you opt for access control in Phoenix that’s operated with a key fob, the fob is nearly impossible to duplicate without high-tech machinery, keeping your property safe from any would-be intruders.

Create real-time audits

Do you need to see who has entered and exited your building at specific times throughout the day? The old-school way to get that data was with a sign-in and sign-out sheet at the door. That’s no longer necessary if you install an access control system! One of our access control systems can instantly send you a report of who came in and at what times.

Simplify employee turnover

It doesn’t matter if they quit or if they were fired—losing an employee is never easy. On top of finding a replacement, you need to ensure they can’t get back into your facility once they’re gone. Though we can’t help with your hiring process, our systems do make it easy to revoke former employees’ access credentials without needing to collect a physical key from them.

Meet compliance criteria

If you operate a building that has to meet strict security compliance standards, a lock and key won’t cut it. Instead, you’ll need to upgrade to one of our access control systems. At Southwest System Monitoring, Inc., we only install systems that meet government compliance standards.

Whether you’re the facilities manager of a massive corporation or the owner of a mom-and-pop business, you could definitely benefit from access control in Phoenix. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for installation!

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