How Building Automation and Integration Systems Can Benefit You

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When you run a commercial or residential property, the importance of a building automation and integration system for your Phoenix, AZ business can’t be overstated. Having a comprehensive automation and integration system in place can make your infrastructure run smoothly and efficiently, no matter what challenges you face.

At Southwest System Monitoring, Inc., we have installed countless systems for our customers, and have seen the benefits firsthand. Here are some of the reasons you’ll love your own digital infrastructure:

  • Increase your property value: All things being equal, which would you as a buyer pick: a building outfitted with a building automation and integration system, or one without? It should go without saying that great digital infrastructure is a selling point, and one that will increase your property value.
  • Control every system with our web-based control panels: There are very few limits to what you can control with an automated and integrated system, including video surveillance, lighting, HVAC systems, elevators, RFID scanners, key card readers and smoke or carbon monoxide detectors—and that’s just to start. Being able to see and solve problems with a convenient, easy-to-use web-based system makes life easier for your building managers, staff and vendors.
  • Improve your security: Access control management is simple with a building automation and integration system. You can do everything from blocking access to certain floors from your elevator and restricting areas to authorized personnel to recording and storing data about who is accessing your property, where and when. This time-stamped, easily-accessible information is invaluable should there ever be a security breach.
  • Save on energy costs: Thanks to motion-detecting sensors, you can shut off lights, close doors and reduce heating or cooling to unoccupied areas, which translates into increased energy savings. Not only will it save you money over the long term, but it’s also an environmentally-friendly choice for your residential or commercial building.
  • Grow with technology: Our building automation and integration systems in Phoenix, AZ are designed and built with growth in mind—both in terms of your growth as a business, and the rapid growth that technology has demonstrated. Our goal is to ensure that your system is adaptable so that you can implement new changes for the business side of things, or integrate new technologies as they become available. You’ll never be stuck with an outdated system as long as you work with us.

When you have a custom building automation and integration system, the management possibilities are endless, and are guaranteed to make your job easier.

Building automation and integration systems in Phoenix, AZ

Ready to get a fully automated and integrated digital system for your Phoenix, AZ commercial or residential building? Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. has been designing and installing custom systems since 1989. Our goal is to help develop and install a building automation and integration system that meets all of your needs while being flexible enough to anticipate future changes. Call us today to get started on the process of outfitting your building with the latest in digital technology.

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