What Is an Access Control System?

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Security is crucial for businesses of all sizes. This includes security to get in and out of the building, access computers, download company data, manage various systems housed inside your building and more. Locks are great for most doors, but some situations call for more than simple traditional lock and key or deadbolt-and-keyhole locks. For example, businesses that handle sensitive information on a daily basis need to up their security game from just using word/number passcodes to implementing fingerprint or retinal scanning or using keycards. It may be time for you to look into an access control system for your building.

A variety of different types of businesses are taking advantage of all that access control systems in Phoenix have to offer. Your business might be considering investing in one, but first you need to have an idea of what an access control system is and how it works. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

An overview of access control systems

There are many building security system options. While your business building needs to have one in place to ensure your work environment is safe and secure, the good news is that implementing a security system is not a difficult task these days.

Access control systems are electronic systems that utilize electronic keys to unlock and release door locks. Electronic keys are often carried on the user’s key ring, and the user has to place the card within range of a reader that is typically located adjacent to a door. The keycard communicates to the reader by way of encoded radio waves. If all these factors don’t line up, access through the door and into the building will be denied.

Key elements of the system

All access control systems are made up of several key elements, all of which play an important role in building security:

  • Tags: Each of your employees or any person to whom you want to grant building access has a tag they must carry with them. These tags, also known as keycards, will be encoded to work on only certain doors at specific times by the system administrator. Door access may vary from one tag holder to another based on any number of factors.
  • Readers: This is basically an antenna that’s hard wired to a control unit, and it’s on the controlled side of the door (this can be either or both sides of the door). When the tag is in proximity to the reader, it either unlocks the door and authorizes entry through the door or denies entry altogether.
  • Controller: The core of the system is the controller, the feature that stores all the authorization information received from a computer. It receives a tag ID from the reader, then releases the lock on the door if the tag is authorized.
  • Lock: Locks for access-controlled doors can use any type of electro-mechanical locking device, as long as it can communicate with the security system.

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