Rethinking Your Access Control and Security During the Pandemic

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For the last couple months, many American workers and businesses have suddenly pivoted to working remotely—or not at all—thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. This new way of work life is already a major adjustment for most workers and employers, but it also comes with a whole host of building security issues. Who will protect the buildings while no one is there? Should the location be closed entirely, or will certain people have access to get inside while the bulk of business is being conducted remotely? And what will our work lives—and building security—look like when businesses start to reopen?

Despite the national and global turmoil, there’s no better time than now to reconsider your access control in Phoenix, AZ. Here are some of the questions and factors you should take into consideration.

Do you have or need remote access management?

Right now, the fewer trips anyone needs to make, the better—part of controlling the spread of COVID-19 means staying home whenever possible and being vigilant about preventing the spread of germs. Being able to manage your security systems remotely is a huge help in monitoring your security. If you have issues with an on-premises system, you’ll have to visit the location to get the servers up and running again. Cloud-based systems are far more convenient and indeed safer for all involved.

Who will have access to your buildings?

Consider who needs to be able to have access to your buildings during the pandemic and beyond. Have you removed former employees from having access to the physical locations? Can they still log in to remote systems? Does your system log who has visited your location, when they visited and how long they stayed? If your security system is lacking this crucial information, it’s time for an upgrade. You should also take this opportunity to remove anyone who no longer needs access.

What kind of mobile solutions do you have or need?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought how often we touch objects and surfaces to the forefront of our consciousness, making this a good time to consider whether you want to implement touchless security measures. For example, nearly everyone carries a mobile phone these days, so you may want to consider using security systems that enable mobile device login. Alternatively, you could use biometrics, like iris scanning, for a completely hands-free accessibility mode.

What kind of video surveillance do you have or need?

Finally, video surveillance is key when you can’t be on the premises 24/7. Even when there’s no security personnel or employees in the building, having cloud-based security video will enable you to keep an eye on the premises whenever you like. In case of an incident, you’ll also be better equipped to find out exactly what happened, when and where.

Are you ready to upgrade your building’s security system? Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. can help you refine and upgrade your access control in Phoenix, AZ. Call us today to design and install the right system for your needs.

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