How SPECTROM Visual Communication Systems Can Enhance Your Healthcare Practice

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Working in a healthcare practice requires constant communication, whether between staff and patients, doctors and patients or between the staff themselves. Today’s technology has made it easier than ever to manage a healthcare practice or facility with the touch of a screen.

At Southwest System Monitoring, Inc., we are proud to offer SPECTROM visual communication systems in Phoenix, AZ. These tools help healthcare practices guide patients through the building, manage wait times and patient charts and help doctors explain complex concepts to laypeople. In other words, it’s the smartest tool you can use to keep your practice running smoothly.

The SPECTROM suite

SPECTROM visual communication systems in Phoenix, AZ rely on touchscreen control panels and monitor displays to keep your practice operating smoothly. Here are a few of the major features available:

  • Room management systems: The larger your healthcare facility is, the harder it can be to keep track of who is in which room at any given time. SPECTROM’s communication tools make it easy to find out who is occupying a room, how long they’ve been there and any other information you might need about when the room will be available.
  • Operating room tools: Keeping track of what’s happening in the operating room is as crucial to surgery success as having skilled surgeons available. The operating room management tools will allow you to keep tabs on turnover.
  • Intercom call systems: Push-button intercoms are a thing of the past. With SPECTROM’s tools, you can simply broadcast your message using the touchscreen and speaker features, or send text alerts.
  • Real-time data reporting: Your healthcare practice depends on real-time data, such as which rooms are occupied, which patients have checked in and how a surgery is proceeding. Being able to call up this real-time data with the touch of a screen makes it easy to stay on top of what’s happening.
  • Time-stamped record keeping: Food, medications and procedures all need to be logged in a patient’s chart. SPECTROM makes it easy with their time-stamped records, all available in the wall-mounted touchscreens.
  • Visual communication tools: Doctors need to make sure their patients understand what’s happening, whether that means explaining the complications of an illness or disease, how a surgery will work or how a baby is developing. SPECTROM offers visual displays that can make it easy to share photos, charts and information with your patients so they walk away with an increased understanding.
  • Guides and maps: The bigger your healthcare facility is, the more likely that patients and visitors will need help getting around. Offer interactive maps with these wall-mounted panels so everyone gets to their appointment on time.
  • Entertainment options: Finally, we see many patients who are anxious, frustrated or just plain bored while waiting for their appointment or procedure to begin. SPECTROM’s visual communication systems in Phoenix, AZ also offer robust entertainment options so your patients never have to bring their own entertainment.

Interested in learning more about SPECTROM’s technology and how you can benefit from it in your practice? Reach out to Southwest System Monitoring, Inc today.

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