The Five Steps to Using Technology for Your Building Security

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Technology is the future, which is why, if your building security isn’t making the most of it, you could be missing out on powerful protections. It’s also wise to update your security system in Phoenix, AZ every so often—it will save you from expensive major overhauls later on down the line.

In many cases, this will mean that you need to trade your physically-accessed security system for a cloud-based, remotely-managed system. To adequately protect your buildings, you need to work with the latest technology has to offer.

At Southwest System Monitoring, Inc., we deliver access control and surveillance systems for your Phoenix-area business, and are strong proponents of remote, cloud-based security. Follow this five-step technology roadmap for building security to ensure your building is as safe as possible:

  • Switch to a cloud-based system: Everything is stored in the cloud these days—what was once a technology buzzword is now simply a way of life for everything from backing up photos on your phone to managing your building’s access list. All the systems you’ll use within your building security are based on the cloud, including smart data and IoT capabilities. Going forward, nearly every system is going to be cloud-based—it’s best to get on board now to save hassle later. Either make a major overhaul during downtime (the pandemic closures might be a good opportunity), or make incremental changes over time.
  • Use mobile technology: Enabling mobile technology to enhance and create access for your employees or residents is a smart upgrade. Nearly everyone owns a smartphone, and combining that technology and encryption with your building security tends to be a win-win situation for everyone.
  • Start upgrading to IoT technology: IoT, or the “internet of things,” technology refers to embedding or equipping objects with sensors, mobile technology and cloud services. Everything from recording who accesses your building to when the HVAC system kicks on can be controlled with this adaptive new capability. Pivoting to IoT opens up significantly more remote access and management ability. In the pandemic era, the less you need to physically be at a location—or touch control panels and other surfaces—the better.
  • Adopt smart data: Artificial intelligence (AI) takes the data your system collects and starts interpreting it for you, such as analyzing high and low usage times, unusual activity and more. Instead of manually skimming data to see if anything stands out, machine learning makes it possible for AI to detect patterns and potential threats.
  • Put social media to good use: Finally, social media is for more than sharing memes and photos of what you ate—it’s part of a robust security system, too. It makes it possible to communicate announcements on a widespread basis, and is key in helping coordinate rescue efforts and reunite people.

When you’re ready to upgrade your security system technology in Phoenix, AZ, call Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. We’d be glad to help you put the five-step technology roadmap for building security outlined above into practice at your property.

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