Why Would I Utilize Access Control?

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As you consider various options for building and system security, you may wonder if access control in Phoenix is right for you. Access control offers multiple benefits and can prove advantageous in many settings. Consider the following reasons you might want to utilize access control at your property:

  • No more physical keys: If a physical key is lost, it can be difficult to replace it. There is also the additional concern that it can be stolen and replicated. With the electronic keys used for access control in Phoenix, it is virtually impossible to replicate them. Plus, if anyone loses their key, the provider can easily create a new one and deactivate the old one.
  • Limited access times: With access control, you can set controls on the time frames during which people can enter your building. Choose what days and times their keys will work, and even choose which areas are accessible and when.
  • Restricted access areas: With access control in Phoenix, you can customize what areas of your complex employees can access. You can give clearance to all areas for some while restricting access for others. This allows you to create the personalized security you need for everyone on your site.
  • Secure monitoring: Access control allows you to monitor who enters your building, when they enter and exit and which areas of the building they access. If you are ever concerned about a security breach, suspected theft or other suspicious activity, this feature can be extremely valuable.
  • Versatile uses: Access control in Phoenix can be used in a variety of settings. It is far more versatile than a simple door locking system. Access control can work on garage entries, gates and elevators. It is also effective for vehicles and parking areas. It is a great tool to add a measure of security and convenience to all areas of your operations.
  • Simple installation and operation: If you have little experience with access control, you may be concerned that the installation and use of the system will prove overly complicated or difficult. However, modern access control is actually very user friendly and convenient. Experts in these systems can quickly and efficiently install a system that is best for your needs, with customized solutions for your setting.
  • Scalability: What if you install a system now, but your business grows, and you need new solutions in the future? No problem. These systems are versatile and can grow with your company. Simply contact your system provider to integrate new features and control panels into the system as you need them.

Reap the benefits

Contact your local experts to start enjoying the many benefits of access control in Phoenix. Serving customers since 1989, Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. provides integrated security systems for corporate, commercial, government, medical and industrial clients. We specialize in providing physical access controls via Brivo solutions: convenient, cyber-secure and cloud-based. For a complete and complimentary quote, call our certified security experts. Ask us about Brivo Mobile Pass and the Eagle Eye Network for your integrated security solutions.

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