Do Access Control Systems Work When the Power Is Out?

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Installing a great security system sounds nice, but what if the power goes out? For all the bells and whistles your system provides, will it be of any use without electricity to power all the high-tech protection? Read on to discover the answers to these questions and more about access control in Phoenix.

What happens when the power goes out?

If your building experiences a power outage, your access control will still operate. The system has a battery backup plan for these situations. In a power outage emergency, this backup system will keep your access control system up and running. No worries!

What about when the power stays out?

If there is an extended power outage, the battery backup system may not be able to accommodate the system until the power is restored. If the battery supply runs out, you would simply use physical keys to access your building. Once the power is restored, your access control in Phoenix will once again resume operation.

What hardware and software are required for these systems?

To install access control, you will need the appropriate hardware and software systems. The hardware includes door switches, card or fob readers and a control panel. The control panel can be adjusted and expanded as your needs change and grow.

Your access system will also need a server, which stores the database for your system and allows you to customize the access of your setting. The system reads cards and allows or denies entry based on the settings you have input to the access control system.

Where can I use access control in Phoenix?

Access control provides versatile options for security measures in a variety of settings. Whether you own a small operation or a large company with a vast complex, access control in Phoenix offers customizable solutions to meet your needs. You can use access control on entries, elevators, garages, vehicles and parking areas to add security throughout your site.

How can I make the best use of access control?

For the best results, partner with a local expert who specializes in access control. These professionals will provide a personalized consultation to determine the needs of your setting. They will tailor your access control to suit the use of your building and the security measures you require for success. Look for an established company with a track record of success in your area.

Get more answers

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