Do Security Systems Deter Crime?

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There is risk involved in operating any type of business. Whether you sell car stereos, smartphones or cookware, there’s always a chance that some criminal could target your company for theft or burglary. In the Phoenix area, the odds of falling prey to theft is approximately 1 in 41. With those odds, you can’t afford to skimp on your business’s criminal deterrents in Phoenix, AZ.

Of course, savvy business owners immediately ask themselves: which security systems genuinely work? And which should I put in place in my business?

Do security systems work?

In a word, absolutely! Not only do security systems of all stripes actively prevent crime in your stores, but if the worst does happen, they significantly increase the odds you will be able to capture the perpetrator. In fact, security systems work so effectively that insurance companies offer discounts to business owners who invest in updated security systems.

It makes sense—professional thieves hope to get in and get out without hassle. Their goal is a quick payday. If they observe security measures in place, most career criminals will decide your property isn’t worth the trouble to rob.

Other benefits

When they’re put in place by qualified security professional, security systems in Phoenix, AZ are more than just criminal deterrents. They also:

  • Prevent vehicle break-ins
  • Instill a sense of safety for clients and employees
  • Raise your property value

When you work alongside a security professional, they can design a security layout that adds value to your business and builds your peace of mind. As you start to consider which security measures to take, here are some of the most popular.

Security lighting

If your business remains open after the sun goes down, you should consider installing premium security lights. Bright security lighting deters vehicular crimes, as you might expect. It also reduces the likelihood of violent crimes, like assault, that may occur when a customer or employee travels from your business to their car.

Remote monitoring

Placing security cameras and monitoring equipment at strategic positions serves several purposes. First, you have an easily accessible record of every inch of your property. Second, the mere presence of cameras is often enough to stop everyone from shoplifters to burglars in their tracks. An active security system could ultimately save you hundreds or even thousands in lost property.

Build your safety

If you want to enlist the full range of criminal deterrents in Phoenix, AZ, reach out to Southwest System Monitoring, Inc. We have more than 30 years of experience helping clients keep their property and their people safe. Countless corporate, commercial, government, medical and industrial customers find a sense of security from the broad list of services we provide.

When you hire Southwest System Monitoring, Inc., you can select from any of our services, including limited access control systems, CCTV systems, automation systems and more. We are ready to visit and serve businesses throughout the extended Phoenix area. Contact us today for a complete and complimentary quote. Let us meet and exceed your security needs—we can’t wait to hear from you!

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