Which Type of Access Control Is Best for Your Business?

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Safety is of paramount concern to any business owner. Keeping your employees safe, keeping your clients safe and keeping your merchandise safe is crucial to running a successful operation. More and more entrepreneurs find that the best way to install that important sense of security is with the aid of an access control system. These security installations control the flow of people into and out of your property.

But building access control in Phoenix, AZ isn’t one size fits all. It’s critical to grasp the basics of an access control system to understand what alternatives are available and which option will work best for your needs.

What is an access control system?

There are several distinct kinds of access control systems on the market, but they generally refer to the same function. That is, an access control system is a method for exerting some measure of influence over the people who can enter your property. The differences lie in the extent of control exercised by the business owner.

For example, a military base or medical laboratory might use managed access control. This method restricts entry and exit to those people strictly affirmed by the owner and a designated employee (usually security personnel). You’ve seen this play out a thousand times in films, whenever a car pulls up to a booth just outside some restricted area. That’s managed access control, and it’s only one level of building access control in Phoenix, AZ.

Additional benefits

There are several other attractive upsides to installing a building access control system. Business owners can:

  • Keep track of customer and client foot traffic
  • Observe employee entrance and exit
  • Get rid of cumbersome metal keys

When you pair those aspects with a building access control system’s ability to deter crime, it makes sense to set one up.

The three parts of an access control system

Three primary components make up most access control systems: the infrastructure, the user-facing experience and the management-facing experience.

The infrastructure is the physical security measures like access control panels, card readers and electric locks. The user-facing experience refers to the tools people will use to come and go, like keycards or access codes. Finally, the management-facing experience concerns the information collected and the dashboard used to observe it.

That might seem like a lot of moving parts, but implementation is a breeze when you work with a seasoned security professional.

Trust the best

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